The Loomis Chaffee Log

Head of School Speaks after Weeks of Discourse

December 20, 2016

On Friday, December 2nd, the Head of School Dr. Sheila Culbert held convocation in place of class meetings to address two major topics of conversation at Loomis in the past few weeks. One of these topics was the presidential election- a touchy subject for some- which Dr. Culbert handled gracefully a...

Editorial: Renaming Mason Hall

Graphic Credit: Anh Nguyen '17

November 14, 2016

Names aren’t set in stone anymore. Decrying segregation and racism, students on college campuses have protested the namesake of Woodrow Wilson School of Policy at Princeton University; family crests with echoes of slavery at Harvard Law School; commemorating racist founder John Evans at Northwe...

(Obligatory) Freshman Service Day: Can A Mandatory Community Service Day Have Meaning?

Anh Nguyen '17

November 14, 2016

On Wednesday, October 19, while many students took the PSATs and worked on college applications, the freshman class participated in Community Service Day. This was a great opportunity for freshmen to give back and to learn more about the local community. It enabled the students to bond with one anoth...

What are the Hardest Classes at Loomis?

Photo credit: Lily Liu '17

November 14, 2016

Loomis Chaffee proudly hosts an extensive selection of classes, ranging from Linear Algebra to Ceramics. But the question of which class is the most difficult remains unanswered. The consensus seems to be that AP Physics is by far one of the most challenging classes. Almost all students taking AP...

America’s Newest Reality Show

Graphic credit: Charlotte Marcil '18

November 14, 2016

Is the presidential election becoming a TV show? Reflection on the campaign. For the past several months, American and the rest of the world had front row seats to America’s newest reality show—the 2016 Presidential Election. While every election has some sort of drama with past secrets being re...

Is It Possible To Eat Healthy in the Loomis Dining Hall?

Photo Courtesy of Gloria Yi '17 and Anh Nguyen '17

September 26, 2016

After my junior year, I was ecstatic about summer vacation and freedom. Despite such high expectations, my first few weeks of summer vacation turned out to be lethargic, unsatisfactory, and unproductive. First, I conjectured that I had narcolepsy because I was constantly tired: I had to sleep more than...

Seniority: A Controversial Topic

Anna Meyer '17

September 26, 2016

Finally earning my spot as a rightful senior on the Island, I have seen a fair share of senior classes pass before me. And, with those senior classes progressively going on to bigger and better things, from the legendary Class of 2014 to the diverse Class of 2016, Loomis is consistently left with decis...

Editorial: Mind Over Matter: Here and Beyond

Graphic Courtesy of Anh Nguyen '17

September 26, 2016

Loomis students live in a bubble. For many of us, living on a beautiful campus surrounded by rivers, woods and meadows also means that our only connections society become news articles, text messages, pictures, and videos online. While we initially came to this Island to carry forth the Founders’ ...

School Spirit: Do We Need More?

Max Wice '19

September 26, 2016

Posters adorned along the hallways, banners wreathed over dorm balconies, an overwhelming sense of passion and loyalty perpetuated our eager campus. Alumni, faculty and students alike await a day full of competition, sportsmanship and inevitable Loomis Chaffee victories. Nothing short of a tornado coul...

Is Loomis Diverse Enough?

Photo Courtesy of Justine Baird '17

September 26, 2016

To my amazement, Loomis Chaffee’s diversity was quite different from what I had expected. I will start with the facts. Loomis Chaffee, with 675 students representing 30 states and 40 countries, creates a community that values diversity by establishing a student body composed of students from all a...

Is Loomis Underrated?

Illustration courtesy of Benben Singhasaneh '18

May 15, 2016

Every year, Business Insider releases a list of the 50 Most Elite Boarding Schools In The US, a list that has remained fairly stagnant in its years of publication. Andover and Exeter may switch between fi rst place and runner-up, and Choate may occasionally sneak past Deerfield for third place, but one...

Red in a Sea of Blue: Being a Conservative on Campus

Anna Meyer '17

May 15, 2016

Loomis Chaffee prides itself on fostering diverse and inclusive discussions regarding a variety of issues in the world around us. However, in recent months, the administration has neglected a large portion of students in their pursuit of creating an intellectually diverse community. Conservatives on...

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