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To Mask or not to Mask

To Mask or not to Mask

Nina Cushman '25, Contributor April 10, 2022

As of March 24th, the Loomis Chaffee campus has returned to a general mask-optional policy for all except those identified as close contacts for COVID-19. It is no surprise that this change in policy has...

Madness Like Never Before

James Livingstone '24, Contributor April 10, 2022

“BREAKING NEWS: Kansas defeats North Carolina 72-69 in men’s national championship game...” If you are like me, you are one of the thousands of people wwho received this notification from ESPN at...

LC Dress Code: What’s That?

Lillian Clark '24, Staff Writer April 10, 2022

When was the last time you were reminded about Loomis Chaffee’s dress code? Was it during the Pelican Preview Days? Or was it at the beginning of the year? Either way, it is rare to hear anything regarding...

Test-Optional: The New Normal?

Winston Lee ’23, Contributor April 10, 2022

The dreaded standardized tests, the SAT and ACTs, that we’ve all stressed about at one point or another, might finally be coming to an end. There has always been a debate about whether or not standardized...

Senior Slide: a hard-earned moment of relaxation

Senior Slide: a hard-earned moment of relaxation

Brandon Kim '23, Staff Writer April 10, 2022

As the Class of 2022 approaches their final days in Loomis Chaffee, LC seniors are beginning to finally experience perhaps their most anticipated term of high school. With loosened Covid restrictions,...

Reforming Stuco Elections

Nina Cushman '25, Contributors April 8, 2022

With the start of a new academic year comes yet another Student Council (StuCo) election. Most are familiar with the controversy of Loomis Chaffee’s StuCo voting process, where candidates are directly...

Do People Even Care About Seniority?

Brandon Kim '23, Staff Writer April 8, 2022

Within the last few years, COVID-19 had rendered seniority at the Loomis Chaffee School less effective, as the pandemic prevented the classes of 2020 and 2021 from fully experiencing perhaps their most...

Independent Learning: A Step in the Right Direction

Katelyn Kim, Contributor March 28, 2022

With the pandemic’s recent fluctuations come added risks to the safety of the Loomis Chaffee community. Given the increased chances of potential exposure of COVID-19, LC has issued a protocol to ensure...

Loomis Chaffee: No Way Home

Justin Wu '22, Opinions Editor March 28, 2022

What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? Despite the red marker of a positive COVID-19 test, health was the last thing on my mind. Overshadowed by logistical uncertainties and an ardent desire to...

Online vs In-person: Maintaining the Integrity of Island Lifestyle

Brandon Kim '23, Staff Writer March 28, 2022

Since the emergence of COVID-19 Spring term of 2020, the Loomis Chaffee academic schedule has gone under three different systems. During the first stages of the virus, all students were required to take...

The AP Standard Does Not Hold

Maeve Dowd '23, Staff Writer November 12, 2021

Nosy relatives and friends constantly ask Loomis Chaffee upperclassmen the same prying question at home: “How many AP classes are you taking this year?” Even though Loomis has switched from Advanced...

The Pelican Games: Restricting Student Autonomy?

Anna Lee Geoghan '24, Contributor November 12, 2021

Loomis Chaffee needs to understand that not every student wants to be a Pelican Games hero, swooping in to clinch first place for their team. When the inaugural games arrived on campus, they arrived with...

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