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Island Life: PeliCANT Hang Out

John Sihn, Staff Writer February 21, 2021

In a much anticipated COVID-19 update email, Loomis Chaffee announced to all students and families that students will be allowed to return to campus for Winter Term 2. Boarding students will arrive on...

This is the admissions building

LC Admissions in the COVID World

Dora Lin '23, Contributor February 21, 2021

On January 15, 2021, the Loomis Chaffee Admissions Office wrapped up another successful application season despite the unprecedented format. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Admissions Office made a myriad...

The Log Investigates: Changes to Dorm Visitation Policy

The Log Investigates: Changes to Dorm Visitation Policy

Edward Park '23, Contributor February 21, 2021

With national conversations about racial discrimination and inequality taking center stage in the past year, Loomis Chaffee has undertaken several initiatives to create a more inclusive and equity-focused...

Pictured above is a student grabbing a quick snack from the ice cream trucks in the quad that have been a fun addition to campus during FT2.

Winter Term 2 Boarding Policies

Samuel Ross '23 February 21, 2021

On February 1, the second term of winter begins. Students from all over the world will return to campus and reunite with their classmates as they make their way back to the dorms. Earlier this year, Loomis...

LC Takes On the 2020 Election

Jenny Pan, Graphics Manager November 3, 2020

Politicians, historians, and news outlets around the country have expressed how important the 2020 election is. Compared to the shock and highly contentious climate following the 2016 election, how...

Students in Katherine Brush Library wear masks and social distance to abide by the school's new protocols.

Loomis Chaffee Grapples with its First COVID-19 Cases

Jordan Korn '22, Features Editor November 2, 2020

Since boarders have returned for Fall Term II, there have been three members of the in-person student body who have tested positive for COVID-19, none of whom were diagnosed during in-school testing. In...

Niche School Rankings: What Do They Mean?

Niche School Rankings: What Do They Mean?

Michelle Liu '23, Contributor November 2, 2020

Whether students are looking at middle schools or colleges, there are many websites online that offer interpretations of school rankings. is one popular site that measures independent schools...

Making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter at Loomis

Amy Song '23, Contributor October 8, 2020

The recent nationwide discussions on racism and inequality in America have placed focus on some of the injustices that African Americans face in our society. During this time of unrest, academic institutions...

LC Admissions During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Zoom Interviews and Tours

Madison Hua '23, Contributor October 8, 2020

Loomis Chaffee has made myriads of changes to the LC Admissions Office in order to accommodate the new digital format of interviews, outreach, campus tours, and the application process as a whole. One...

Loomis Goes … Plastic?

Sandro Mocciolo '23, Contributor October 8, 2020

Loomis Chaffee community members have noticed an increase in the volume of waste from single-use plastics in the dining hall due to new COVID-19 safety measures. While these protocols for the 2020-21 school...

Boarders to Return for Fall Term 2

Michelle Liu '23, Contributor October 8, 2020

After shutting down dormitories due to the pandemic, Loomis Chaffee has announced it plans to welcome back boarding students for the start of Fall Term Two. The letter sent to the LC community on September...

Student Activities and Clubs Adapt to COVID-19 Restrictions

Sofia Preuss '23, Contributor October 8, 2020

The coronavirus has affected almost every aspect of the Loomis Chaffee community and continues to make its mark by impacting school clubs. Despite this, Student Activities is working hard to overcome added...

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