The Loomis Chaffee Log

The Communist Ideology of Daylight Saving Time

Eric Sun '22, Contributor April 4, 2021

In 1895, a fine New Zealand man named Geoge Hudson came up with the brilliant idea to shift time itself by two hours so he could have more hours of the sun to catch bugs… and now we are stuck with the...

Weekly Update from Head of School 3/11/2021

Janus Yuen '21, Columnist March 11, 2021

March 11, 2021 Dear Students, Parents, Faculty, and Staff, [5 attachments]                                                                       Ne...

Woodworking Student Greg Earthman ’22 Takes Environmental Action

Stacey Zhang '22, Contributor March 11, 2021

GEORGETOWN, SC—Inspired by Woodworking I, Loomis Chaffee junior Greg Earthman began a yearlong investigation of the environmental impact of the Carolina Reaper in Georgetown, where there has been a long...

What to Do With Free Time

What to Do With Free Time

Isabella Wang '24, Contributor March 11, 2021

Top 10 Foods to Help Fight the Common Cold

Brandon Kim '23, Contributor March 11, 2021

As much as everyone hates catching them, colds appear every year, disrupting our lives with a day or two of irritating pain. While medicine may be a reliable solution, pills may not give you that extra...

The Ice Rights Movement

Isabella Wang '24, Contributor March 11, 2021

Winter this year has been full of dropping temperatures and lots of snow. It seems like as the days drag on sluggishly from the chill, the amount of snow and ice just increases. With the lowered temperatures,...

Naruto runner zooms across ice rink

A Revolution at the Ice Rink

Isabella Jiang '22, Contributor March 11, 2021

The frigid night’s wind stabs through my thin coat like steel knives digging into my bare skin. The full moon, covered by low-hanging grey clouds, glows through the thick foliage of the massive gnarly...

Weekly Update From Head of School 1/19/2021

Lana Sheng '22, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

Dear Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Campus Squirrels, and Frogs, We are nearing the end of our first winter term, and I hope you all have been staying happy and healthy while fulfilling your commitments....

Is the Stock Market Game Capitalist Propaganda?

Cooper Raposo '21, Contributor March 9, 2021

How much money will a right-wing military coup in Bolivia win for Elon Musk regarding cheaper lithium? Will Amazon be able to stave off any hopes of unionization? Can health insurance companies deny coverage...

Satirical Headlines

Andrew Park '22, Mélange Editor March 9, 2021

Breaking News: Breaking News market oversaturated with fake headlines, reporter claims Breaking News: Buckets of 100% naturally sourced lava found to be extremely effective heat source in winter; expect...

Avoiding the Corona-Blues

Andy Choi ’23, Contributor March 9, 2021

To a lot of people, 2020 seemed like a year from a straight-to-TV science fiction movie. A new type of virus found its way into our immune system, crushing our hopes and dreams for 2020, and locking us...

Netflixs poster of Death to 2020

Review: Death to 2020 Instead Brings Death to Comedy

Stacey Zhang '22, Contributor March 9, 2021

As a mockumentary, Death to 2020 had two jobs: comedy and documentation. It does neither. Among the over two hundred shows I binged on Netflix in the past year, Death to 2020 easily rises as the most...

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