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The Zombie Apocalypse Ultimate Survival Guide

The Zombie Apocalypse Ultimate Survival Guide

Gabriel Jiang '24, Contributor April 10, 2022

There may come a moment in everyone’s lives when they experience a zombie apocalypse. The moment you hear that there is a zombie apocalypse on the radio, you will want to follow this guide to survive....

Did the Oscars Slap???

Did the Oscars Slap???

Brigham Cooper '24, Contributor April 10, 2022

Well, yes. The “greatest night in the history of television” transpired on March 27, 2022, when a few hundred multi-millionaires gathered in an auditorium to collect meaningless trophies (and give...

Spring Fever on Campus

Khanh Le '24, Contributor April 10, 2022

I have never heard of the term “spring fever.” Is it real? Is it merely peoples’ excuses for being lazy? I do not believe so. I strongly believe that people can catch a case of spring fever. In fact,...

Loomis Chaffee’s New Construction Project

Hayden Garside '23, Contributor April 10, 2022

So, you’ve noticed the endless construction outside of Chaffee Hall. The tiresome, unavoidable walk that loops around patches of dirt and cement always makes you late to class. Good news: the Nichols...

The Perfect CWP Application.

Mercuri Lam '24, Staff Writer April 10, 2022

Explain why being a leader in the Community Work Program at Loomis Chaffee is important to you.* Being a leader in the CWP for me is important because it’s going to help me develop the leadership skills...

Horoscopes: Spring Spring Spring!

Mercuri Lam '24, Columnist April 10, 2022

Aries Overcoming mountains, rivers, and forests, you’re truly in your element this spring season. Your clothing may have gotten a bit muddled (get it, mud) with the slimy dirt of the Meadows, but you...

Wordle Conquers Loomis

Sandro Mocciolo '23, Staff Writer April 8, 2022

Note: In this article there are 10 words that were previously solutions to Wordle. Try to find them all! What if I told you the next online trend stealing the hearts of Loomis students wasn’t something...

Avoiding the Winter Cold: A Guide

Laura Phyu '25, Contributors March 28, 2022

It’s that time of the year again. Get ready to bring out your blowtorches and six-pound winter coats. It’s going to take a lot more than a little jacket to avoid this year’s winter cold. Anyone...

Santa Who?

Santa Who?

Khanh Le '24, Contributor December 15, 2021

How does Santa Claus hand out presents? That must be the question that every child asks during Christmas. Some might think Santa simply drops the presents right through the chimney, where they land perfectly...

Winter Break Daily Checklist

Winter Break Daily Checklist

Brigham Cooper '24, Contributor December 14, 2021

Wake up at 11 a.m. Have an anxiety attack regarding test grades Have an anxiety attack regarding class grades Have an anxiety attack regarding your previous anxiety attacks Check the clock at 1 p.m. Get...

When is the Right Time to Put Up a Christmas Tree?

When is the Right Time to Put Up a Christmas Tree?

Katie Fullerton '24, Contributor December 14, 2021

The question of when the right time is to put up a Christmas tree boggles the minds of Santa’s smartest elves, causes the stock markets to plummet on Black Friday, and delays flights due to winter storms....

Where Christmas Decorations are Stored Off-Season

Andrew Addo '25, Contributor December 14, 2021

Decorations give Christmas its own unique identity. Every year, billions of people take time to hang lights, get plastic reindeers, and most importantly, put up Christmas trees. However, a very important...

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