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Bacon, Egg, and Cheese: The Loomis Chaffee Holy Grail

Gavin Anderson '22, Contributor November 3, 2020

If you asked Loomis Chaffee students what their favorite campus snack, breakfast, or even just food is, odds are, our internationally acclaimed bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, a.k.a the BEC, is...

Archaeology After the Pandemic

Blog Post: 20 Nov 2040
Janus Yuen '21, Contributor November 3, 2020

Michael J. Lam is the Charles J. MacCurdy Professor of Anthropology at Yale University. An alumnus of the Loomis Chaffee School in the Hartford District, he writes about his experience excavating the campus...

Fall Horoscopes

Halloween Horoscopes

Mercuri Lam '24, Contributor November 3, 2020

Fall Horoscopes Let’s say a fall festival is being hosted on campus, and in the autumn spirit, you decide to go and check it out. There are food stations, an apple bobbing booth, and even a haunted house!...

International Student Ambassadors Pick Your Next Playlist

International Student Ambassadors Pick Your Next Playlist

Cultural Diffusion Week 2
Mercy Olagunju '22, Opinion Editor November 3, 2020

Dear Curious and Diverse Music Connoisseurs, Welcome back to the International Student Ambassadors’ internationally-themed playlist: Cultural Diffusion. I’m Mercy Olagunju ’22 and I’m the co-head...

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College Apps in a Pandemic

Satire Warning!
Brett Donshik '21, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

Applying to college in a pandemic is a bizarre experience. As students apply early to colleges three thousand miles away for no reason other than pure desperation to escape their mundane hometowns, you...

Arrows Cause Traffic Confusion

Arrows Cause Traffic Confusion

Will Howley '23, Contributor November 3, 2020

Ah, COVID-19 precautions—we all love them. From the seemingly soundproof plexiglass cubicles in the dining hall to the 1:10,000 ratio of entrances to exits, newly instated rules and regulations have...

Bobby Bazinga, the Only 3rd Party Candidate You Need on Your Ballot

Murder, Wildlife, and Furries among Bazinga's Top Concerns
Arthur Beaugeard '23, Contributor November 3, 2020

My fellow Americans, I know that many of you grow weary of our two-party corporate duopoly. I know many of you seek something more dynamic and interesting — something which truly speaks to the needs...

Life As A Day Student

Isabella Jiang '22, Contributor November 3, 2020

It is a truth universally acknowledged that day students must be unlucky. We are forced to rise in the wee hours of the morning with the sun — whether we have class or not — and embark on our long...

An LC Student’s Saturday Journal

Nicholas Ji '22, Contributor November 3, 2020

10:37 a.m. – I just woke up and don’t have the motivation to get out of bed just yet. I’ll make sure to update this when I leave my room. 11:56 p.m. – Have a good night, everyone.

The Welcome Center in the morning.

A Thorough Investigation: What’s That on the Field?

Will Howley '23, Contributor October 8, 2020

On the first day of school as we arrived on campus and were prompted to turn right to park, we all saw Loomis Chaffee’s latest addition: the tan, tiny house-like building near the Hubbard parking lot....

How to Prep for Your Next SAT/ACT Test Day

Isabella Jiang '22, Contributor October 8, 2020

Your entire schooling career seems to have built up to this single culminating moment, a test that decides your entire future. But your twelve (plus) years of “preparation” isn’t going to be enough....

Gourmet with Gavin: A Dining Hall Debacle: Student Culture Perseveres Through COVID-19

Gavin Anderson '22, Columnist October 8, 2020

Food has always brought the Loomis Chaffee community together, and in a time where togetherness is arbitrary, the school is still trying to maintain its sense of community and culture. As meal-time has...

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