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NATO, Thermal Baths, Cooking Classes, and World War 2: LC trip to Budapest

Photo contributed by Gaurang Goel '17

December 16, 2015

During the week long Thanksgiving Break, ten Loomis students along with two daring teachers, Ms. Engelke and Mr. Pipoli, took off to Budapest, Hungary. A trip was primarily focused on the Yale Model Government Europe conference, a conference that Loomis Chaffee had attended for the first time two years...

This Winter is Not Too Cold — Holiday Help to Families

This Winter is Not Too Cold -- Holiday Help to Families

December 16, 2015

Around the holidays, there has always been an emphasis on helping young children and families in need. But this excludes a large portion of the population that is frequently forgotten: older people who live alone with no family and support. In fact, they often receive nothing during the holidays. For...

To Little Avail: Three Years after Sandy Hook

Photo Courtesy of Mary Anne Porto '16

December 16, 2015

In the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting three years ago, grieving parents, siblings, and neighbors banded together to back up various causes. Up sprung foundations dedicated to the 20 first-graders and six teachers murdered; organizations focused on politics and gun safety,...

Play 4 the Cure: Beyond the Field

Grace Utilson '17

October 30, 2015

On a chilly Friday night, the Loomis Chaffee varsity field hockey team took to a well-lit Pratt field, in hopes of not only beating their opponent, but also raising awareness for breast cancer. Although the team was defeated by Westminster 0-1, the $1,600 raised for cancer research was certainly something...

Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff: An Evaluation of Our Eeriest

Mary Anne Porto '16

October 30, 2015

Have you ever noticed the strange creaks, light noises and footsteps beneath the floor of the laundry room down in the basement? Have you ever heard laughters of little girls echoing by the tennis court? Have you ever been creeped out by the flickering lights on the third floor of Founders? ’Tis the...

Emerging Artist Exhibition and Mercy Gallery Opening

Evan Manafort '16

October 19, 2015

The fall art exposition in the Eugene Mercy Jr. Gallery of the Richmond Art Center presents the works of Avner Sher, an Israeli artist, from September 22 through October 21. Mr. Sher plans to visit the school in the near future, and to inspire student artists. Mr. Sher utilizes cork-boards in creating...

New Bookstore on Campus

Olivia Diong '16

October 2, 2015

One of the first questions I was bombarded with by fellow students as I stepped onto campus for preseason was, “Have you been to the new bookstore? It looks like CVS.” Sure enough, as I descended the Dining Hall stairs that day to get my Fall-term books, I was shocked by how little I recognized....

Goats on Campus: Gone but Never For-goat-en

Olivia McCaughey '16

October 2, 2015

I know you have all been sitting on the edges of your seats waiting to hear what happened to the goats. Well, I am here to attempt to quench your insatiable curiosity about the goats’ whereabouts. Oliver, Eunice, and Valentine have at last been returned to their beloved owner, Lars Schuster. The goats...

“Not at Our School”: The Aftermath of the St. Paul’s Scandal

AP Photo/ Jim Cole

October 2, 2015

When Loomis Chaffee students, faculty, and alumni first heard about the sexual harassment scandal that took place at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire earlier last summer, the first thought that ran through many people’s minds was, “Nothing like that could ever happen at Loomis; we don’t...

STEMpowering Our Girls

Mary Anne Porto '16

October 2, 2015

Often we hear about how women, even as little girls, are not encouraged to achieve or pursue their goals, how the connotations of being a girl influences women, and how these gaps between males and females have put women on a road of obstacles where they must prove that they are not just “girls”...

Cutest Roommates: Benny and His Jet

Xana Pierone '16

October 2, 2015

What even is a roommate? How can society deny a true connection based on shared spaces? We here at the Log recognize all forms of co-habitation, whether or not the school has it marked in Veracross, so we present to you this issue’s cutest roommates: Bennett Green and Charlie Weld. Bennett, a man...

A Fresh Perspective on the Issue of Women’s Rights

May 24, 2015

Loomis, being a community of diversity and culture, encourages its students to connect with the outside world and with the events that take place within it. We are a community that works hard to create an environment of truth and honesty through ongoing discussion. As a freshman joining the community...

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