The Loomis Chaffee Log

Talking to the Financial Literacy Club

Shlok Sharma '19, Web Director

March 1, 2019

In the past year financial literacy and engagement has taken Loomis Chaffee in a brand new way. A school-wide stock market game had taken place in winter term, and the Financial Literacy Club is a big part of that happening. Through their efforts, they hope to expand the financial literacy of ...

Talking to the E-Proctors

February 25, 2019

By Shlok Sharma ’19 I sat down with Kelly Eng ’20 and Ryan Jones ’20, two E-Proctors to talk about what they’re planning to do around Loomis, and the initiatives they’ve already started.  Hello! Why did you both become E-Proctors, and what draws you to environmental sustainability...

Reilly Campbell and the 1000th Point

Matthew Weng '21, Contributor

January 29, 2019

How many bags of ice does the trainer's room go through in a year? How many gray t-shirts does the cage exchange in a day? All of those numbers are intriguing, but recently we've welcomed a new number into the LC sports community: 1000. 1000 is the number of career points of Varsity Basket...

Keith Scribner ’80: Dinner, a Draft, and a Laugh

Portia Inzone '20, Managing Editor

January 29, 2019

On January 11, Keith Scribner ’80 returned to the Island and joined fifteen Loomis Chaffee students for dinner and a draft of his recently published novel, Old Newgate Road. Providing insight to his busy lifestyle as both a professor and a novelist, Scribner recalled moments of creativity, f...

LC Financing: Behind the Scenes

Lana Sheng '22, Staff Writer

January 29, 2019

Money. It is often a taboo subject, and even the mention of it can make people squirm. Loomis Chaffee believes in transparency; by showing its detailed financial transactions, the school hopes that students and parents can better understand how Loomis operates. Loomis’s annual operatin...

LC Takes Second Place in Yale MUN

Jenny Pan '22, Graphics Manager

January 29, 2019

From January 19th to 21st, the Loomis Model United Nation (MUN) team participated in the Yale MUN conference and won the Outstanding Large Delegation (the equivalent of 2nd place). In MUN, students discuss important current issues through a simulation of the United Nation that involves pr...

The PHI: Innovating the Island

Jordan Korn '22 and Cameron Kwok '22

January 29, 2019

Since the Scanlan Student Center’s inaugural opening in October, the Pearse Hub for Innovation (PHI) has taken on two major roles on campus: incorporation into preexisting curriculums, and PHI specific courses. With the many high-tech and innovative tools available in this state-of-the-art facility, ...

The MLK Pelican Day

Anna Li '21, Staff Writer

January 29, 2019

The students of Loomis Chaffee filed into Olcott Gym on Saturday morning to listen to Tony Hatch, a professor at Wesleyan and the author of Blood Sugar: Racial Pharmacology and Food Justice in Black America. The topic of Professor Hatch’s speech thoughtfully introduced the focus for the rest o...

Catching Up with The Old Man and The Old Moon

Photo Credit: Lauren Volkodav '22

Priya Rajaram '21 and Lauren Volkodav '22

January 28, 2019

Chickens, accordions, squats, and whales! The Loomis Chaffee musical will be one to watch. Lauren Volkodav ‘22 and Priya Rajaram ‘21 sat down with actresses Eva Millay Evans ’21 and Olivia Zoga ‘21 to find out more about the musical debuting in the NEO. The musical, The Old Man a...

Melange: The Return of Snow

Photo Credit: Shlok Sharma '19

January 23, 2019

By Shlok Sharma '19 At last, Loomis Chaffee has snow! Winter, for better or for worse, has always been characterized by a few notable things. The colors red and green, for example, which signal the holiday season and the influx of Mariah Carey and Wham! songs that will play on repeat. Warm cook...

Jazzing Out with Walter Krissel (Video)

Walt Montgomery!

December 8, 2018

By Shlok Sharma '19 I got to interview Walter Krissel '19, Loomis Chaffee's noted jazz guitarist and scholar, and asked him about his musical influences and how he was introduced to guitar.   ...

How stressful was Senior Fall?

Monica Kim '19

December 7, 2018

Senior fall, as notorious as it is, is known for being as stressful as or even more stressful than Junior spring. Some students, as juniors, even remember some seniors advising the age-old sentiment, "I would go through Junior spring twice than even step into Senior fall again". As a Senior w...

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