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The Dr. Culbert Coronavirus Update

The Dr. Culbert Coronavirus Update

Ryan Fortani '22

May 7, 2020

Ryan Fortani '22 interviewed Dr. Culbert about the effects of coronavirus on students, faculty, and graduation on April 17, 2020.

Conservative Speaker David French Comes to Loomis Chaffee

David French, speaking about the time he said he received, “death aspirations” for his conservative political views. 

Lauren Volkodav '22, Web Content Editor

March 4, 2020

Over the past year, the divides between conservatism and liberalism - and political extremism more broadly- have grown through extremist opinions and lack of discussion as well as a lack of compromise between the two distinct parties.   In an effort to diversify the political views shared...

The Addams Family Comes to Loomis Chaffee

The cast of The Addams Family Musical

Kate Shymkiv '22, Contributor

February 21, 2020

This winter term, the Norris Ely Orchard Theatre presented a spooky, creepy, yet hilarious and lively show – The Addams Family. Starting with an open dress rehearsal on Tuesday, March 18, the show runs until Saturday. All actors, technicians, and professional crew members worked on this produ...

Yale Model United Nations Conference Cut Short

Yale Model United Nations Conference Cut Short

January 29, 2020

Through freezing rain, sunshine, and snow, Loomis Chaffee brought a delegation of 28 students to the 46th Yale University's Model United Nations Conference, or YMUN, over the weekend of January 23-26.  After three successful days at the conference, delegates were surprised to learn that the confer...

New Interim Head of School: Mr. Webster Trenchard

October 19, 2019

By Eliza Nelson There are very few Pelicans that would trade our warm fall weather for the freezing New England winter, but Mr. Trenchard, the Assistant Head of School and our new interim Head of School, disagrees. He shared this, and other interesting insights, in a recent interview about his ...

Our Time: Students Standing in Solidarity for the Environment

Our Time: Students Standing in Solidarity for the Environment

October 18, 2019

Grab your bullhorns! Along with hundreds of thousands of students around the world from 150 countries, Loomis joined the National Youth Climate Strike on September 18, 2019.  The strike, coming a day before the UN Climate Action Summit brought awareness towards the ever-growing issue of clima...

2019-2020 All-School Theme: Belonging

Jenny Pan '22, Graphics Manager

May 23, 2019

The all-school theme for the 2019-2020 school year will be ‘Belonging.’ Dr. Culbert, the head of school, collaborated with the Student Council to choose this theme. She hopes this mantra encourages students to realize their role and purpose in the Loomis Chaffee community. “Belong...

Team Traditions – A Sense of Identity

Team Traditions - A Sense of Identity

Mercy Olagunju '22 and Hazel Le '22

May 2, 2019

Boys’ Varsity Soccer has a tradition built around team bonding. It’s all about having that chemistry on the field and being able to connect with your team members on and off the field. So, what better way to bring the team together than screaming and belting out lyrics of a song? The whole team chooses...

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