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The LC Log – An Interview with Mark Oppenheimer ’92

The LC Log - An Interview with Mark Oppenheimer '92

Lauren Volkodav '22, Web Editor

April 23, 2020

Mark Oppenheimer '92, a current Yale professor, is also a journalist and writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times. A former world champion on the LC debate team, Mr. Oppenheimer visited campus in February to share his experiences with the current team.

Interesting Courses to Take at Loomis

Interesting Courses to Take at Loomis

Nathan Ko '23, Contributor

February 21, 2020

In the middle of the winter term, Loomis students start choosing their future courses and creating four-year plans which outline their education goals while here on the island. Many factors go into a student’s choice of classes of course, yet it seems like one common priority for students is t...

Opinion: At Last! Family Style Is Dead

Lily Potter '21, Staff Writer

October 19, 2019

The following is a student opinion about the recently abolished tradition of family-style, where boarding students spend their Tuesday evenings having a formal meal with their peers. Loomis Chaffee has finally liberated its students of the time consuming, day-student excluding, overly fo...

Problem-Solving at LC Hackathon

Jordan Korn '22, Staff Writer

April 28, 2019

Julia Hoffman ’20 and Alexa Becker ’22 furiously typed away at their keyboards. Anxiety pulsed through them during the entire competition, and when they walked through the doorway to pitch their final project to a panel of judges, their presentation was not yet completed. On Friday, February 8, and ...

The Old Man and the Old Moon

Photo courtesy of Ally Velasquez '20

Victoria Che ’21, Opinions Editor

April 28, 2019

The Old Man and the Old Moon, a musical produced by PigPen Theatre Co., has been adapted by the NEO this winter. The show ran from February 13 through February 17. According to Lana Breheney ’21, who plays Llewelyn the old man, the musical this year is quite different than those in years past in ter...

The Winter Equestrian Festival

Photo courtesy Haven Low '21

April 26, 2019

Georgina Bloomberg jumping at the Douglas Elliman Grand Prix. Courtesy of Lauren Volkodav '22 The Winter Equestrian Festival, which is the largest and longest-running equestrian festival in the world, is held annually from January 9 to March 31. The festival takes place in Wellington, FL and attracts s...

Pro-soccer Player to New Loomis Chaffee Coach

October 12, 2018

The following dialogue is an interview with the Girls Varsity Soccer coach Linda Hathorn. Coach Hathorn is the assistant director of the Loomis Chaffee Summer Program, and has moved into Carter Hall with her husband and daughter. Coach Hathorn is new to the girls soccer program, along with assistant co...

Going Green on Earth Day (Feature Article)

May 18, 2018

Written by: Jackson Done '19 (Sports Editor) With Earth Day recently passing, I’ve reflected on the importance of being environmentally friendly, and how we as students can continue being green around campus and in our everyday lives. I was surprised to learn what little effort going green require...

2018-2019 School Theme: Mental Well-Being (Feature Article)

May 18, 2018

Written By: Minna Gao '19 (Managing Editor) “Next year’s school theme is mental wellbeing? That’s interesting.” This was my reaction when I first heard of the Student Council’s decision. I thought about all the things that could go wrong by selecting this theme, and about the underlying ...

Loomis Students Attend CT SDLC (Feature Article)

May 18, 2018

Written By: Stephanie Zhang '21 (Web Staff Writer) Diversity allows one to meet people of different cultures, backgrounds, and situations. Here at Loomis, 26% of our student body is of color and 16% are international students. However, diversity is not solely defined by the color of one's skin or w...

Spring Dance Revue (Feature Article)

May 18, 2018

Spirit pulsed through the dancers as they stood backstage or in the overly-heated dressing rooms. Anticipation buzzed tempestuously amongst the audience in the darkness that preceded Dance Company II’s extravagant tap number “Don’t Mean A Thing”. Wowing the audience, the performers danced harmoniou...

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