RA-Prefect Lip Sync Battle Rages on in Hubbard


Video Courtesy by Alex Gordienko ’17 Chief Web Manager

Loud music blasted, dancers dabbed, the crowd roared. On the night of the first Saturday of the 2016-2017 school year, September 10th, the RAs and prefects from 12 dorms put up an exciting lip sync battle before the packed house in Hubbard Performance Hall. With Palmer’s jaw-dropping 6-song mash-up crowning the show as the first RA winner in history, Ammidon came in second, while Mason’s “I Want It That Way” and Cutler’s “Oops I Did it Again” tied for third place.

Traditionally, the lip sync battle is reserved exclusively for prefects and RAs during training. Curious students may get a glimpse of the frenzy through their prefect friends’ Snapchat story or scattered video clips floating around the internet. However this year, all boarders and day students had the privilege of witnessing the epic performances of their favorite dorm leaders, classmates, or teammates under the spotlight.

“My favorite was definitely Palmer’s [performance]. You could tell they worked really hard because they knew all the lyrics and had good dance moves,” said Liam Scott ’18, a returning day student. “It was also cool how they incorporated multiple songs.”

Like Liam, some underclassmen boarders were very excited to see their prefects dance around the stage. “It was super fun to see my prefects on stage and cheering for them. I love how everyone was so energetic and full of spirits!” said Lilith Yu ’20, who lives in Carter Hall. Huy Pham ’17, a residence in Taylor Hall, also said that the lip sync battle “shows that leaders in the dorms aside from power and responsibility they have, are also very amicable and humorous.” He very much enjoyed seeing his friends “doing silly stuff on stage,” and showed his full support for his dorm’s Titanic performance. Even though the Taylor boys groaned for not making top three, Gaurang Goel ’17, a Taylor RA, proudly described his dorm as “the best boys’ dorm” for coming in fourth place.

Of course, some prefects were quite nervous to put on a show for their prefectees. “Honestly, [the lip sync battle] is the first time I’ve ever been on stage in front of a group of people performing by myself, especially BRITNEY SPEARS!” said Elissa Perez ’18, one of the Cutler prefects. Despite the nerve-racking experience, Elissa said it was exciting to step out her comfort zone, and she’s more than ready for junior year.

For the Ammidon girls, however, they celebrated their historical win as the runner up of the show. “It feels awesome; I have lots of Ammidon pride, and I’m super excited for the dorm,” said Kelly Hanlon ’17, one of the Ammidon RAs. When asked about her feelings before the performance, Kelly said, “before we went on stage we were pretty nervous, but once it happened, it just got going.”

Besides elevating school spirit and entertaining the students, preparing for this nerve-racking but exciting “competition” also serves as a great bonding experience for the prefects and RAs. “The best part [of the lip sync battle] for us was pulling everything together last minute and finishing it off with a little glitter,” said Esther Wang ’18, a prefect in Carter, who literally put on shiny glitter make-up for the Carter show.

After all, the show earned thunders of applause. Both performers and the audience enjoyed the crazy dance moves. Watch the full clip of all dorms’ performances in the links above, or check out some highlights of the lip sync battle in the video below!


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