Rejected Senior Project Ideas

“Botany Study in Colorado Prospectus”: As an avid collector of shrubbery, I look forward to studying the abundant green available in Colorado. Cultivating and caring for plants has been a great passion of mine and consumes almost all of my free time, aside from my Bob Marley cover band, of course. With a grant from the school, I hope to research all types of plants from flowers to weeds.


The “Art of Throwing Shade Prospectus”: From yo mama jokes to the classical salt of Shakespeare, the history of sick burns is equally captivating and savage. Through a ten hour seminar on how to “clap back,” I will lead the LC community through a thoughtful application of our ancestor’s nasty comebacks.


The “Life of Grammy LP Prospectus”: I will be producing my grandma’s hottest album yet. With Nanna’s hottest singles like “Have you eaten yet?” and “Where my knitters at?” the LC community will learn the true definition of old-school rap.
“Advertising and Business in the Twenty-First Century Prospectus”: Okay, so it’s a QVC type showcase where LC students only sell jewelry over the phone, we’ll call it: Hotline Bling