Deans’ Stress Less Activities

Photo courtesy of Paris Cipollone 18

Photo courtesy of Paris Cipollone ’18

With blossoming flowers comes flourishing stress for all grades at Loomis Chaffee. The spring holds many events worthy of stress reactions: AP Exams, SAT’s, ACT’s, RA and Prefect decisions, applications for leadership roles, final exams, etc. But while all these stresses are developing, the weather gets warmer and the sun stays out longer, increasing Loomis Chaffee students’ desire to stay outside and hang with their friends.


The Deans’ Stress Less activities came at the perfect timing to relax and distract the students that attended them, even if for an hour, from the nonstop academic life of Loomis.
In both Deans’ Stress Less events, a variety of activities were held including: balloons to scribble your stresses on, bubble wrap to pop, comic books to read, bean bag games to play, dogs to pet, and more, all creating a stress-free environment for Loomis Chaffee students to enjoy the spring. Students from all grades enjoyed the activities and many teachers showed up for the fun as well. While some students may have missed the festivities during the gap, both Dean’s Stress Less activities were successful and hopefully there will be more activities in these last weeks before finals.