Senior Reflection

I am a senior from New York City and a three-year Ammidon girl. Every day I wake up to the view of Taylor next door and the sun coming over the meadow. I get dressed, walk to class in a hurry, and never think twice about the little things that make up the place that I call my second home. It is odd to think that in less than two months my time on the Island will be completed, and I will be moving onto the next stage of my life, I know it will be bittersweet. I can still remember visiting Loomis as an awkward eighth grader who longed for the process to be over. On some day in March about four years ago, I sat anxiously in my room, unable to figure out the Loomis explore portal, stressed out about whether I had been accepted or not. I remember when I finally discovered that I had been clicking the wrong link and saw my acceptance acceptance letter, I bursted into tears, while my Dad asked if I was ready to be a Pelican. That was the start of a long journey.

Since the first day that I stepped on the Island, I have heard the same two words: get involved. Whether you are just coming to the end of your freshman year or your junior year, it is never too late to get involved and take chances. As cliché as it sounds, in an environment like Loomis, taking chances is key. This could be anything from trying a sport, joining a club, going to a Saturday night event with your friends in the Snug, or simply sitting with someone new in the dining hall. As a freshman, I was constantly worried about the way other people perceived me; however, as I became older, I realized that my Loomis experience is what I make of it. If I spend my time worrying about what someone thinks of me, or even what my friends will think of me for joining a club or talking to someone who isn’t in my friend group, I will never see all that the Island has to offer. Want to ask someone whom you have never really chatted with to Prom? Go for it. Want to audition for a play or try out for a sport? Go for it, because it is better to have tried and then failed to have never tried at all.

Something that has been important in keeping me sane over the last four years has been the support from my friends. Over the last four years, many friends have come and gone, but as time progresses, one come to realize who his or her true friends are and where he or she seems to fit in. I have made life-long friendship with people at Loomis, making the departure date of May 29th an even more bittersweet day. The friends I made at Loomis have been there for me through both the good and bad, the pretty and ugly, and the ups and downs. They have become my support system and family, a group of people that I can always count on no matter how far we may be from each other after graduation. Whether I met someone freshman year or within the last month, I have had the privilege to call talented, kind, and loving people my family. I will never forget running to the savior (we call CVS) with hopes of finding random knick knacks or discounted holiday candy, or getting ready for family style as girls came in and out of their dorm rooms into the hallways asking for advice. If there is one thing that you should take with you,  it is that Loomis is forever your family and your home, even when it might not seem to be. Loomis will always be the place where I discovered myself, found my friends, and found a family.                                                                                                 

       And now, as I sit in my beloved Ammidon dorm room and reminisce about my Loomis experience, I can only thank Loomis and the people here for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. My mother has always told me that the universe works in strange ways, and somehow I ended up here. I will forever be thankful for this blessing. Coming to a school like Loomis is a true gift, and something not many people that I know from home were given the chance to experience. Loomis has taught me many things about myself and many things about the world around me, always inspiring me to trust myself, to fight for what I believe in, and to never yield to misfortune.