Faculty Pet Spotlight



Check out the personal profiles of our adorable and cute faculty pets!

Peanut - Mary Forrester
Name: Peanut
AKA: The Wonder Cat
Age: 5
Interests: water and Django the resident fish
Hobbies: guarding the Forrester household and attempting to murder Django, the resident fish

Chewbacca - Elizabeth Parada

Name: Chewbacca
AKA: Chewy
Interests: not you
Hobbies: exploring the great outdoors; room inspections.
Fun Fact: can sing (howl) on command.
PSA: hates being picked up, and will growl to let you know not to try, though he would never bite…but for such a cute dog, he has a scary growl!


Whitman - Eric LaForest

Name: Witman
Nickname: Lafo’s sheep
Age: old, but vivacious
Interests: reduced fat string cheese and the tabs on the back of LL Bean slippers.
Fun Fact: such an amazing dog, and August refers to him as “Goodboy.”


Fletcher - Liz Bucceri

Name: Fletcher
Age: 10+
Interests: not stairs; Bucc’s undying love.
Hobbies: blocking the Palmer stairwell by walking slowly up the stairs one at a time.
Fun Fact: rescued wandering around an abandoned parking lot.
PSA: Occasionally refuses to climb stairs; one will find him resting on the landing.


Lucy - Laura Rochette

Name: Lucy
Age: 5 years old next month (May 13th)
Fun facts: Welsh myth – woodland fairies rode on Corgis.
Interests: snow, people, small children, pizza crust, cheese, and the
Pelican Mascot (go Loomy!)
Quirks: she can only go up and down the Mason stairs on the left side.
PSA: once dragged half a cake from underneath a student’s bed and ate it (please don’t put cake under your bed — that’s disgusting!)

Hobbes - Dr. Culbert

Name: Hobbes
Age: classified.
Interests: toys, which he brings on his walks and promptly loses.
Hobbies: snoring loudly
Fun fact: has an identical twin sister.

Max - Dr. Culbert

Name: Max

Age: unknown
Interests: long walks, dinner, and his people.
Fun fact: he has been banned from several grooming
Salons, in other words, he received a level II.


Zoe - Dr. Culbert

Name: Zoe
Age: none of your business
Hobbies: living the life she was meant to live…the life of a princess (because Sheila is the queen.)
Fun fact: Found wandering on Route 159
In Windsor Locks

Lucky - Roseanne Lombardo

Name: Lucky (Bardo’s lucky star)
Age: it is not nice to ask a lady for her age
Hobbies: eating, drinking and sleeping
Fun fact: Lucky got her name from a little boy who was at the pound when Bardo picked her up. The little boy said he would have adopted Lucky, and told Bardo that she should name this dog Lucky, because she was lucky to get out of that darn place, and Bardo was lucky to get such a nice dog as Lucky. So Lucky became Lucky!