Mid Season Review

Eastern Conference Championship: Raptors vs. Cavaliers

Raptors: Currently, the Raptors and the Cavaliers are fighting for the top spot in the east with the Raptors only a few games behind the conference lead. With all-star DeMar DeRozan averaging 23.3 points a game along with a 44.3 shot percentage, the Raptors are a threat in the East. All-Star Kyle Lowry also averages 21 points per game and leads the team in assists and steals. Toronto’s strong assets will give the Cavs some competition for the Conference Championship.


Cavaliers: The big three of Cleveland is back at it again with Lebron James averaging 24 points a game and Kyrie Irving popping shots from behind the arc. Meanwhile, Kevin Love is a beast on the boards, averaging 10 or more rebounds a game. The Cavaliers have been the leading force in the East for the majority of the year and it won’t be surprising when they make a deep playoff run. Each Cleveland player has his own powerful characteristic that strengthens the team, making the Cavaliers one of the most dangerous teams in the NBA.


Western Conference Championship: Warriors vs. Thunder

Warriors: It’s no secret that the Warriors will make it to the Conference Finals and it’s no secret that it will be because of reigning MVP Stephen Curry. Curry averages about 30 points a game, along with several assists and rebounds to boost the already dominant Golden State Warriors. Also, second splash brother Klay Thompson is keeping the wins plentiful for the team with his three point shooting and his improved driving ability. Combine these two incredible players with Draymond Green’s rebounding and assists and you have a playoff worthy team.


Thunder: The Thunder have been an impressive team in the past few years and this year is no different. Kevin Durant has been raining buckets all season with 27 PPG and Russell Westbrook is not that far behind with 24 PPG. The two have been a tough foe to all opposition. When the team is at its finest, every player is contributing whether it’s Surge Ibaka with rebounds or Steven Adams and Enes Kanter with blocks. The Warriors have been a threat to the Thunder for a while this year, but when Westbrook and Durant are both firing on all cylinders, no team will be able to control them.


NBA Finals: Thunder vs. Raptors

Thunder: The Thunder will arrive at the Finals for two reasons. When Durant and Westbrook are able to have incredible games, no team, including the Warriors will stop them. Golden State may have an insane win percentage, but the Warriors will get a run for their money in Conference Finals. Ultimately, the Thunder are tough competitors and the Warriors won’t be able to answer Oklahoma City’s fight.


Raptors: The Raptors are competitive and a strong team, but up against the Cavs, they will need their “A” game. Fortunately for the city of Toronto, their beloved Raptors will be at their best. They will feed off of Demar DeRozan’s success and when he’s playing well, there’s no telling how well the team will perform. DeRozan can shoot at a high percentage and play lockdown defense, which will help the Raptors beat the most powerful teams in the league. Even if DeRozan can’t produce on either end of the floor, Kyle Lowry will be able to make up any deficiencies.


NBA Champions: Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder: The Thunder will win the 2016 NBA Championship. They have been dominant for the majority of this season and should ride their momentum through the postseason. The Thunder will be able to win due to the success of Durant and Westbrook and with this success they will defeat the best teams in the league on their way to their first championship since 1979.