2016 Grammy Awards

The 58th annual Grammy Awards took place on February 15, 2016 and were hosted by LL Cool J. (Ladies Love Cool James). With electrifying performances, heartfelt tributes, big winners, and great acceptance speeches, the show turned out to be a great success.

The Grammys began with Taylor Swift’s performance of her song “Out of the Woods” from her album 1989. Taylor’s performance set the tone for the night, as the Grammys were filled with several show stopping performances. Some of the well-known celebrities included Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Adele, Lady Gaga (who payed tribute to David Bowie), and Demi Lovato (who payed tribute to Lionel Richie). However, the night did have its fair share of problems. During Adele’s performance, the piano microphone fell into the piano, which made the sound seem out of tune, and Adele’s mic cut out once or twice. On stage, Adele, despite being visually affected by the issues, soldiered on and finished her performance. She later revealed that she was devastated by the issues, calling it a tragic error.

The best performance of the night was claimed by Kendrick Lamar. Starting his performance with “The Blacker the Berry,” Kendrick and his dancers took the stage as prisoners walking down a prison hallway in shackles, and Kendrick’s band members in fake prison cells on the sides of the hall. While the song fueled the audience with a social message about racism and discrimination (with his lyrics, “You hate me don’t you? You hate my people, your plan is to destroy my culture”), he took on a different route in his next performance of “Alright,” encouraging the suppressed to stand up for themselves. Kendrick performed brilliantly with the spectacular stage effects adding extra energy to the songs.

Kendrick Lamar was nominated eleven times and won five awards, including best rap album To Pimp a Butterfly and best rap song “Alright.” Taylor Swift won best album for 1989; a win that  makes her the only woman to win album of the year twice. Her acceptance speech was directed towards her fangirls, who she advised to watch out for people trying to take credit for their successes. The best song of the year, a prize given to the best artist who composed or wrote a song, was awarded to  Ed Sheeran for his “Thinking out Loud,” while the best record of the year, an award given for a song off a record and awarded to everyone who had contributed to the song, was awarded to Mark Ronson for his “Uptown Funk” that featured Bruno Mars. Additionally, Meghan Trainor won best new artist of the year. In conclusion, the Grammy’s 2016 was a huge success, with fantastic performances and great speeches.