Benefit Concert Preview + Review


Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Porto ’16


The Benefit Concert, student council’s annual fundraiser to support and raise awareness for a  particular cause, has been a successful community favorite occasion in its past years. Students and faculty members have been invited to audition and perform with talents ranging across the spectrum. From singing and dancing to lip-sync battles, this event garners much attention and talent from members of Loomis Chaffee.
This year’s selected organization, Home of Hope, strives to alleviate children in South Africa from sexual abuse, poverty, and a lack of proper education. The cause has since gained much support and successfully aided many children in need of protection and guidance. The non-profit also seeks to provide a single-residence foster care system, so as to provide long lasting homes and places of security. Additionally, the cause takes a special interest in children who require special needs and aims to lend assistance to young girls that have suffered injustice and repression. With countless volunteers, fundraisers, and donations, Home of Hope continues to grow and allow the disadvantaged youth an opportunity to enter society with no inhibitions and the skills necessary.


Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Porto '16
Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Porto ’16


The acts ranged from rock performances by two of Loomis’s very talented bands, to selections from the musicals Shrek: the Musical and Hamilton, to a surprisingly intense lip-sync battle that put audience members in the the difficult position to decide who would won win the glory.

I have never seen more faculty members dance in one night, and I can definitely say that the choice between spanish teachers Mr. Bour and Mrs. Parada, history teachers Mr. Pipoli, Mr. Shure, and Mr. Silver, Chinese teacher Ms. Ma, and science teachers Mr. Chaudhary and Mr. Ramirez (yes–they did all perform, and yes, they all brought their A-game) was a difficult one.

Ultimately, the history teachers won the trophy–how could they not, with such a innovative mash-up by “T-Peezy” and their dance moves that evoked ‘90s boybands.

But the real winners were the student council, who successfully put on such an entertaining event for such a great cause. Our tradition of the annual benefit concert is always treat, and I’m glad that we’re able to support not only our peers on the stage on the island, but also those who need our help.