Manager Spotlight


Boy’s Varsity Hockey – Maya Earnest and Maddie Ash


What sorts of responsibilities do you have as managers?

Maya: As managers, we come to practices and games and survive in the freezing cold of the rink.

Maddie: During practice we fill water bottles, work the clock, and make sure the team has everything they need while managing not to freeze to death. During games I film and Maya runs the clock and sends out tweets. Although this isn’t a responsibility, we also enjoy baking and such for the weekend games, but if we’re super lazy we’ll just pick something up and say we made it ourselves.


How would you describe your relationship with the players?

Maya: We’re all friends, it’s a fun time (except when they shoot pucks at you during practice for fun).

Maddie: Our relationship with the team isn’t as awkward as I expected it to be. All of the guys are really nice and appreciative of what we do for them. However, some of them sing on the bus and it’s incredibly annoying.


What’s the best part of managing?

Maya: The best part is hanging out with the guys on the way to away games and, of course, hanging out with my BFF Maddie!

Maddie: Watching the games and being/coloring with Maya are the best parts of managing hockey.


What’s the least rewarding part?

ME: The cold (and when you spill your hot tea all over yourself because some player shoots at you and scares the crap out of you).

MA: The least rewarding part is having Mr. Zavisza yell at you (just kidding he says please…most of the time)/make fun of your coloring book.


How time consuming is your job?

Maya: It’s a pretty time consuming job, but I love watching hockey and hanging with Maddie, so it’s all worth it in the end.

Maddie: It’s pretty time consuming because we have to attend all of the games and show up 30 minutes before the game starts.


Would you recommend managing hockey?

Maya: Only if they are open to the cold and can deal with the guys’ shenanigans.

Maddie: I would recommend managing hockey to other folks ONLY if they have warm enough clothing. (I’m currently unable to feel my fingers as I type this).


Girl’s Varsity Basketball – Zaire Goodwin and Deuce Ford


What sorts of responsibilities do you have as the basketball managers?

Zaire: As the managers we have to get water before the practices and dump it out after. During the games I usually keep the book and Deuce takes care of the film.

Deuce: So our job is basically making sure that when the girls are playing, that’s all they’re doing and that all their focus is on ball. They shouldn’t have to worry about where their water is coming from or anything like that, because we take care of the water and all the little things like it.


How would you describe your relationship with the players?

Zaire: I was pretty cool with most of the players before I started managing, but now I feel like we’ve grown closer as a squad.

Deuce: I lowkey love the girls.


What’s the best part of managing?

Zaire: The best parts about managing are the bus rides and the pregame turn up when I play their playlist before a home game!

Deuce: Watching us smack these other teams. Loomis kind of lacks in spirit for other sports, but not for the Girls Varsity Basketball team. I literally just came from two games in a row where we doubled the other team’s score.


What’s the least rewarding part?

Zaire:  The least rewarding part of managing is when I get water all over my sweatpants and it looks like I peed my myself.

Deuce: I’d say the timing of game days, even though it’s not even that bad.


How time consuming has the job been?

Zaire:  Pretty time consuming but football is WAY worse!

Deuce: Unless it’s gameday it’s like zero. Like I literally have time to manage and workout and run and get some personal training everyday.


Would you recommend managing basketball to other students?​

Zaire: I would recommend it!
Deuce: Yeah, 100%