Winter Sports Preview


Photo by Alex Benthien ’16

Boys Basketball

Coaches: Rock Battistoni

Seniors: John Watson, Mark Byrne, Andre Ferguson, Charles Holley, Jorge Botas, Cobey Adekanbi, Jacob Carroll, Frank Oftring

Record Last Reason: 9-12

With new head coach Rock Battistoni leading the team this year along with the nine seniors and post-grads, LC Boys Basketball hopes to continue to get better everyday and stay consistent as a squad. The inconsistent schedule of the winter season can often cause teams to have their “peaks and valleys,” but the team hopes to remain balanced throughout the year all the way to the NEPSAC Class A Championship at Endicott College.


Girls Basketball

Coaches: Adrian Stewart, Amanda Holland

Seniors: Sam Roy, Vanessa Young, Nancy Coulverson, Rachel Hardej, Isabel Hanson

Record Last Reason: 19-5

Although they are a consistently strong team each season, Girls Basketball hopes to never stop improving and competing fiercely every time they step on the court. Coach Stew noted, “We hope to be very competitive in every game by playing tough fundamentally sound basketball.” The ultimate goal of the team is to once again qualify for the New England Tournament and hopefully win this year’s title.



Coaches: Harrison Shure

Seniors: India Carpenter, Abigail Wade, Emilie Szemraj

Record Last Season: 3rd out of 12 teams; 2nd at Miss Porter’s

Differing from other sports on campus, the equestrian team’s season ran through the fall and part of the winter seasons. However, the squad still has a few members competing in February. Although a much younger group, the size of the team has nearly doubled, sparking some new interest around campus. With a solid season in the books, the future looks bright for LC equestrian.


Boys Hockey

Coaches: JR Zavisza, Stephen Novodor, Michael Murphy

Seniors: Tim Birarelli, Shamus Fenton, Andrew DeLalla, Griffin Welch, TK Murphy, Wilson McCloy

Record Last Reason: 21-5-1

Following an amazing season last year and the loss of many seniors, Coach Zavisza strives to keep a consistent “work ethic, talent level, and desire to compete.” With an evolving team, their goal is to work hard in every game and play consistently well throughout the season. This year’s squad, which is already 4-0 at the time of writing, has proven they can maintain the legacy set forth by previous years.


Girls Hockey

Coaches: Liz Leyden, Chuck Vernon

Seniors: Catriona Hong, Abby Marmer, Hannah Falvey, Sarah Stevens, Michaela Giuttari, Bailey Coyne, Paige Capistran

Record Last Reason: 16-3-3

With the goal of playing “team-first hockey” and to continually learn and improve, Girls Hockey believes that following an incredible record last season, they will be as good, if not better, than past years. While head coach Liz Leyden is confident in the talent she carries on the squad this year, they will continue to play competitively, as “there are only 8 playoff spots and likely 12 excellent teams” in the league.



Coaches: Frank Roberts, James Montana, Rick Taylor

Seniors: Sara Corsetti, Katie Warner, Yuki Yamashita

Record Last Reason: Girls- 2nd and Boys- 9th at NEPSAC Championships

Alongside large goals such as winning New England’s for both the boys and girls, the Alpine Skiing team hopes to compete well in their regular season by placing higher in small meets earlier in the season. With their eyes set on beating rivals like Suffield and Berkshire, the squad is aimed to do well as individuals, but to also become one cohesive unit. With varying levels of experience, seniors Katie Warner and Sara Corsetti both say they are excited and hopeful for the season.


Boys Squash

Coaches: Elliot Beck

Seniors: Samir Agadi, Alex Cohen, Sam Kent, Will Pepi,

Record Last Reason: 10-8

Although Boys Squash lost solid members of their team, they have what Coach Beck calls a “two-fold plan” to ensure that the squad will maximize their potential with new players. In a game that can quickly become very intense, the team hopes to value sportsmanship above all else. Their second goal is to be more fit and more determined than their opponents to assure that they have the best possible chance to win every match.


Girls Squash

Coaches: Christopher Weed

Seniors: Isa Foti, Sherly Francois, Juliette Haroche, Claudia Lamprecht

Record Last Reason: 9-8

Girls Squash’s new head coach, Christopher Weed, hopes to evolve the team’s play, starting with smart decision making and intensity. Coach Weed noted, “I am most interested in how players on the team see what they are doing and how they want to push themselves and each other to make improvements and gains in their experience.”



Coaches: Benjamin Haldeman, Nick Barker, Charles Bour, Andrew Hutchinson

Seniors: Remington Rochlin, Josh Singh, Traken Sutton, Ethan Twombly

Record Last Reason: 15-4

Carrying over from an impressive 2014-2015 season, many members of the wrestling team already have some varsity experience, while younger players who have gained “greater sophistication and confidence” are predicted to have what Coach Haldeman thinks will be a “breakout year.” However, the team is looking to pick up some wrestlers who are either under 110 lbs or over 190 lbs “who want a varsity letter and are willing to work hard.”


Boys Swimming and Diving

Coaches: Fred Seebeck, Isso Shimamoto

Seniors: Michael Cerny, David Chen, Patrick Cody, William Meng, Richard Rhodes

Record Last Reason: 6-4

Boys Swimming and Diving, ending last season as Founders’ League champions, strives to keep up their positive work ethic and reach their potential exhibited in this year’s team. With the goal of winning the New England Championship in mind, the team holds itself to a very high standard. Coach Seebeck also hopes to see Pat Craig ‘17 repeat as the New England Diving Champion after winning as only a sophomore.


Girls Swimming and Diving

Coaches: Bob DeConinck, Liz Bucceri

Seniors: Ruth Kornblatt-Stier, Xana Pierone, Winda Wanikpun

Record Last Reason: 6-5

Through hard work and and giving it their all, Girls Swimming and head coach Bob DeConinck have their eyes set on taking home the Founders’ League trophy, as well as an impressive performance at the NEPSSA Division 1 Championship. After just falling short of the 2014-2015 Founders’ title and a 7th place rank in New England, Coach DeConinck believes that this year’s team will improve by working on individual achievement, thus benefitting the team.