Spring Fever on Campus

Khanh Le '24, Contributor

I have never heard of the term “spring fever.” Is it real? Is it merely peoples’ excuses for being lazy? I do not believe so. I strongly believe that people can catch a case of spring fever. In fact, I have caught it myself. My symptoms include a runny nose, coughs, homework procrastination, not going to the dining hall, waiting until eight p.m. on weekdays to get up.
But, what are some other symptoms of spring fever? They include but are not limited to short term memory loss, declining grades, and the feeling tiredness all the time. I blame these symptoms on the winter season. Recovering from the coldness and harshness of winter takes a long time. I am still trying to recover from it myself.
How can you get out of this spring fever? First, just stop whatever you are doing and take some time for yourself. Even if you are in study hall, just stand up and walk away from your desk. Then, wander around the hallway or visit your friend’s room. Next, get plenty of sleep: the more you sleep, the better you feel. You will feel like your body has been reborn—as if you were a baby coming out of mommy’s tummy. Last but not least, say something completely crazy to distract your teacher in class. How do you do this exactly? As your teacher starts a harkness discussion, say, “I did not finish reading the book. Can we move on and talk about (insert book you read that is totally different from what you were assigned)?” There will either be an awkward silence, or the teacher will shut you right up.
Unfortunately, spring fever is still here and is going to be around campus for a while until summer comes.