Loomis Chaffee’s New Construction Project

Hayden Garside '23, Contributor

So, you’ve noticed the endless construction outside of Chaffee Hall. The tiresome, unavoidable walk that loops around patches of dirt and cement always makes you late to class. Good news: the Nichols Center is done! While I’m delighted to announce the clearing of the construction site, it has come to my attention that a new project is currently in the works. Due to the increasing expenses of the Flik Dining Service and the school’s mission to promote a more sustainable environment, the administration has collaborated with local architects, nutritionists, and farmers to develop a new environmentally-friendly and locally-sourced food production program.
In May, Loomis Chaffee will begin the construction of its own farm in the Meadows. The project will include the transformation of about 100 acres of fields into farmland, the construction of multiple barns, and a building to process crops—complete with a giant freezer and storage space to house surplus food. In addition, Loomis plans to raise chickens and remodel the cow pond to host a variety of organic fish. The harvested crops will be sent to the dining hall, and the chicken and fish will be processed by a local meat processor. The excess food and meat will be sold to restaurants in Windsor. To protect crops from damaging floods, Loomis is building a levee that will encompass the banks of the Connecticut River and allow for maintained agriculture.
The project is expected to be completed by winter term, 2022-23, and food production will begin next spring. The work program at Loomis will soon include positions to allow students to work on the farms and in crop cultivation and will be used by science classrooms as a learning resource. Loomis hopes the farm will be a major turning point in its history of sustainability and encourage students, parents, and locals to reach out with concerns or interests relating to the construction project.