The Perfect CWP Application.

Mercuri Lam '24, Staff Writer

Explain why being a leader in the Community Work Program at Loomis Chaffee is important to you.*
Being a leader in the CWP for me is important because it’s going to help me develop the leadership skills I need in the future. As an aspiring hedge-fund investor, being able to make an impression on colleges young people’s lives is super important to me. Having a position in the CWP would not only bring honor and light to my ego but also to my extracurriculars. Between you and me, this common app is incompetent when compared to the real, important Common App. But hey, start them young, am I right?
Describe one or more character traits that you would bring to your work in one of these roles.*
Influence. That’s the biggest requirement of being a leader. You cannot lead without having influence, and this is why I’m the best candidate for the CWP. Not only am I from an influential household, but I’m also a great public speaker, and I’ll be able to make announcements that will impress both students and faculty alike. Influencing others is my goal in life, and I will most definitely bring that to the table.
Write about a contribution to the community (within or beyond the CWP) of which you are proud. What was the situation, and what did you learn from it? *
My contributions to the community are endless. But only one sticks out to me because the others were just resume filler: my ability to help my peers by spreading the news. Sure, I may specialize in spreading information about drama in the friend group and not actual current events, but reporting the juiciest deets is a hard skill to perfect. A certain amount of trust, snooping, and eloquence is needed, and not only have I learned how to start rumors about all my best friends, but I also learned how to spread them! As a leader, I’ll be sure to use my communication skills to help unite our community.