Horoscopes: Spring Spring Spring!

Mercuri Lam '24, Columnist

Overcoming mountains, rivers, and forests, you’re truly in your element this spring season. Your clothing may have gotten a bit muddled (get it, mud) with the slimy dirt of the Meadows, but you don’t seem to care—the rain will wash it away anyway.

The tepid climate of Loomis Chaffee has allowed you to explore new seasonal hobbies, one of which involves foraging. All weekend long, you have spent your time in the woods looking for mushrooms, flowers, and berries that seem to cover the entire ground. Be careful though! You never know whether you might eat poison or produce.

Springtime on the Island is seldom boring—well, for you at least. Between your club activities, excessive amounts of homework, and the looming leadership applications, you’ve barely had time to stop and smell the flowers. Take a walk in the Meadows, and maybe you’ll find that there’s more to life than just leadership positions.

Spring usually means time for creativity, but you’ve been struggling to come up with ideas on what to do this entire term. Maybe it’s the inconsistent weather or the underwhelming amount of sun so far, but spring term is (in your words) a flop. Oh well, hope your term improves as the weather warms!

To others, spring may be a time of brightness and blossom, but to you, it represents wilderness and frenzy. Waking up from your hypothetical hibernation (which really just sounded like a way for you to deep class), you’re filled up with a need to run free! Although the deans may try to stop you, no one can contain the beast inside.

You’ve pulled out all the stops for spring term! Being able to finally wear the clothing you love (ruffled dresses and light button-ups) has made you feel so much more freedom. Though the weather may be inconsistent and slightly rainy, no rain will dampen your mood as you wear the clothing you love. It may be a little chilly, but that’s the price to pay for beauty.
Spring may be a time for nature, but to you, nature doesn’t matter anyway. Who cares if the grass is a little greener this time of year? They’ll turn back brown in a few months. Personally, I think your disinterest is justified. Nothing lasts forever.

Not a pollen person, you spend your days sneezing as you walk past the bright flowers and new plants outside the Nichols Center. Even though Loomis is a campus for growth, with that growth comes allergies—lots of allergies. Hope you get well soon!

I lied; your tenacity for suffering hasn’t improved since the last issue. Even though Valentine’s Day may be over, your eyes are now locked onto the next target: Easter. Let’s hope that no children’s egg hunts are going to be ruined this year by a pelican in a bunny suit.

Four-leaf clover hunting is your favorite pastime, but you’ve not been successful at all this year. In a moment of frustration, you had torn apart the clover fields in the Meadows and had screamed in frustration at still not being able to find a single lucky charm (sad). Looks like you’ll need some luck finding some!

Spring may have just begun, but somehow you’re already looking toward summer. Sure, flowers and picnics sound great, but in your mind, they can never top the days of swimming, bonfires, and beaches. Maybe I’m being a little harsh here, but do you even live near a beach?. A girl can dream, I guess.

After a long winter of little sun and lengthy nights, you find yourself almost cowering as the first rays of the spring sun hit campus. Maybe you’re just exaggerating, but the sun is…a little too bright. As a result, you’ve now begun spending your hours sheltering beneath blankets and hiding from the sun like Dracula. Honestly, I don’t blame you.