Same Room, Different Years: The Pannu Siblings

David Liu '25 & Farmaan Pannu '25, Contributors

While Loomis Chaffee has its fair share of student siblings, there are many interesting stories that are not as widely known as the siblings themselves. One of these stories comes from the three Pannu siblings, who not only lived in the same dorm and floor, but even in the same room.
Though that may not seem special or unique, one of those siblings, Mahek Pannu ’18, resided in room 31 in Cater Hall when it was still a girls dorm. Once Carter Hall had transitioned into a boys dorm, Aarman Pannu ’20 moved into the same dorm room his sophomore year.
“It was interesting moving into that room… I had watched and helped both of my siblings move in, and to actually live in it is surreal,” Farmaan Pannu ’25 said.
This specific dorm room really does seem to carry significance to the Pannu siblings and to their boarding experience. Over seven years, these siblings have lived through similar moments in school, celebrations, holidays, and various other events all in one dorm, something not many siblings can say they have experienced.
“I think that the interesting thing was how each of our dorm rooms was unique to us. I would consider my dorm very clean and neat—I mean, I literally have a Loomis blanket folded to have ‘Loomis’ on it,” Farmaan said.
In this story’s beginning, Mahek Pannu was the first sibling to have her own room to decorate. Carter 31 started off with a fresh black and white theme.
“My brother gave my sister the nickname ‘Panda’ because she would only wear black and white, and sometimes gray,” Farmaan says.
Aarman Pannu was the second Pannu sibling to enter Carter 31. He would often busy himself with a GameCube and always kept an intricate assortment of various objects around his room.
“My brother’s room both at home and at school are a mess of books strewn across the floor and dishes stacked high. I’m surprised it passed room inspection at times. I think it was a perfect display of his mind: messy, yet organized. Somehow he would find a way around everything and think of things and solve things faster than [I have] ever seen. ”
And now, Farmaan, the third sibling. Carter 31 now mainly consists of a very neat arrangement of his items, always having coffee representing his clear-cut mind.
“I have a strong connection to Room 31 because my experiences span over seven years. It was amazing to see them in that dorm and to finally have it as my own to share with my roommate—just as my siblings once did with their roommates. I was finally able to make that room mine.” Farmaan said.