Keeping Up with Former Editor-In-Chiefs: Neala Sweeney ’20

Former Editor-in-Chief (EIC) Neala Sweeney ’20 shares what she’s been up to, reflects upon the things she misses about Loomis Chaffee and the Log, and gives her advice for current and future LC students.


Photo Courtesy of LC Communications

Neala Sweeney ’20 in the SNUG.

Madison Hua '23, Social Media Manager

After taking a gap year, Sweeney currently attends Georgetown University. During her gap year, she worked in New York City at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School as a teaching assistant. The school had two branches: one in the Bronx, which is their bigger campus, and one located in Manhattan in Central Park West.
“Because of COVID-19, the city government put value and emphasis, especially [with] younger kids, on trying to get students back in person for school because being back in-person is so important,” Sweeney said.
The school needed extra hands to provide an in-person option that included physical education, recess, and social lunch time. Sweeney helped out with getting the kids to school, on school buses, and picked up by their parents. She also focused her time helping a third grade classroom along with three other teachers.
This summer, Sweeney plans to be a lifeguard at the beach, which has been her summer job for the past four years.
Reflecting on her years at Loomis, she said “Loomis has taught me a lot about finding communities that are mutually beneficial to you and other people. It taught me a lot about healthy relationships,” Sweeney said.
Through her time serving as EIC of the Log, she said she learned “a lot about time management as a whole and having weekends solely devoted to creating this issue.” Furthermore, she mentioned that the Log taught her what she should prioritize: things that she was passionate about.
“I think the reason me, Ethan [Levinbook ’20 (EIC),] Portia [Inzone ’20 (Managing Editor)], and Angela [Wang ’20 (Managing Editor)] worked well together was because we genuinely cared so much about producing a really good, well put together issue during the school year. We all really enjoyed what we were doing,” Sweeney said.
At Loomis, there can be pressure to partake in various activities for one’s college application rather than because one truly enjoys them. For Sweeney, the Log helped her realize that she did not have a lot of time or mental space for things she was not truly passionate about.
Continuing her journalism career, Sweeney writes for The Hoya, Georgetown’s newspaper, as a staff writer for the features section, working alongside Liam Scott ’19, emeritus EIC of the Log and the current Executive Editor of The Hoya.
Sweeney shared that “even if you don’t get into your number one school, just trust the process, and you will end up somewhere you do like. Even if you do get there and you don’t like it, you can transfer.”
Sweeney cherishes her memories from the Palmer basement, the previous Log headquarters, even though it was “disgustingly hot” and lacked air-conditioning.
“I definitely miss getting to hang out with Bucc and Trench in the Palmer common room,” Sweeney said.