Former Loomis Chaffee Track Star and Cellist: Ms. Chloe Alexander ’12

Fedora Liu, Staff Writer

You may not know her name, but chances are, you’ve seen Ms. Chloe “Alex” Alexander ’12 and her adorable husky puppy Livvy walking around campus. After graduating from Loomis Chaffee, Ms. Alexander returned to the Island and currently serves as the Director of Multicultural Recruitment, Associate Director of Admission, and a dorm parent in Flagg Hall’s All-Gender Housing.
“One thing I’m super thankful for [in] coming back and working as a faculty member [with] plenty of teachers that either taught me, coached me, or just interacted with me, [is] that I was a good overall kid and a good overall student. So, I didn’t have to come back and be apologetic to who I was as a teenager,” Ms. Alex said.
Having been a tri-varsity athlete, Ms. Alex was a very dedicated athlete in high school and played a sport during each of her three seasons at Loomis every year: field hockey, basketball (with a 9.3 points per game average after her four years), and track. During her senior year track season, Ms. Alex’s team won the NEPSAC championship.
“After high school, I was a walk-on at a division one basketball school in college. And then, I’ve been either affiliated or coaching basketball ever since,” Ms. Alex said.
However, while she was not shooting baskets on the court or running laps during track, Ms. Alex spent her time on something not well-known by the community.
“I identify heavily as an athlete, [but] one of the cool things about me when I was here was [that] I was in orchestra for three out of the four years. I [have] played [the] cello since I was in fifth grade, and I also was in Musical Revue my senior year, which is a big surprise to everyone on campus,” Ms. Alex said.
Although typically, the cello players were assigned seats based on skill and interest from the back to the front, Ms. Alex remembers that in her freshman year, the director allowed her to share stands in the back with her older sister, who was a senior at the time.
“My parents loved [it]. They thought it was adorable,” Ms. Alex said.
Reflecting on her student years, one of Ms. Alex’s other favorite memories at Loomis was the Winterfest. During the week leading up to the dance, the Loomis Chaffee Parents Association set up raffles and brought snacks for the students, which she always looked forward to.
“The dance would be [on] Saturday. I remember because we would have a basketball game and it would be away. We’d always have to rush back and be worried about skipping dinner but trying to go to this dance, which looking back now it’s really, really cute,” Ms. Alex said.
Though she no longer plays the cello, Ms. Alex admits that she is still a “big musical geek at heart.” Occasionally, her musical passion gets ignited through her shower concerts, singing in her car, and keeping up with Broadway productions. Now, in her free time, she also enjoys lifting, going on walks with her dog Livvy, and participating in Zumba classes.
“I’m an avid Zumba goer…some of the things I’ve learned via Zumba is not to take myself so seriously and just have fun and laugh at myself and make mistakes,” Ms. Alex said.
Ms. Alex also discussed how she is settling in the community again with her new positions, facing her old teachers, and serving as a faculty member.
“The hardest thing is to call teachers now by their first name instead of their last name: like Jeff Dyreson… I can’t call him Jeff, forever calling [him] Dyreson,” she said with a smile.