Performing for Charity: 2022 Student Council Benefit Concert

Sofia Preuss '23, Staff Writer

Loomis Chaffee’s annual Benefit Concert will return on March 25, bringing student performances to Hubbard Performance Hall once again. Each year, Student Council (StuCo) organizes the event to create a night full of entertainment and to raise and donate money for a charity of their choice.
“This year, we’ve chosen to support Pencils of Promise…They are a nonprofit organization that helps provide education access as well as hygienic and sanitation awareness in underprivileged communities in countries such as Guam and Kenya,” StuCo Representative Kirsten Lees ’23 said.
Every year, Stuco’s chosen charity rotates between local and global organizations. This year, they searched for a global charity.
“We decided to choose this organization because it worked toward multiple things for children’s betterment. It does not focus solely on one aspect in a person’s life and takes into account what people need in the community,” StuCo Representative Lauren Sonnenfeld ’24 said.
Along with choosing a charity for the Benefit Concert, StuCo also ran an audition process to create a lineup of LC performers to entertain the community. There were three days of auditions, each of which consisted of various times slots.
“There were so many auditions, and we only had a certain amount of time secured in Hubbard, so we had to choose different types of performances so we would have a wide range and some diversity within the acts,” Lees said.
Auditioning entertainers ranged from tuba players to singers, ensuring the showcasing of many unique performances and talents.
“The auditions were very chill and low-key. The judges were super nice and reassuring, and it was just like a mini performance for three or four people,” auditioning student Jason Chen ’24 said.
Chen sang and played the piano in last year’s Benefit Concert, making his Loomis concert debut as a freshman. This year, he auditioned to play an original song on the ukulele called “Open Book.”
“The fact that the performances will help contribute and raise money for a good cause makes [the event] more exciting and meaningful…I’m really excited for the event whether I will be performing or watching,” Chen said.
Musicians were not the only artists who auditioned for this year’s concert. There were several performers from varying areas of the performing arts. Kate Shymkiv ’22, for example, auditioned with a dance piece.
“I saw last year’s concert in person and was amazed by the talent and how invested the performers were. [There was] a lot of passion and creativity in the air,” Shymkiv said.
Kate auditioned with a cha-cha dance that she choreographed to the song “No Roots” by Alice Merton. It will be her first time performing in the Benefit Concert, but she has been showcased in other LC performances in the past.
“This piece is very different from anything I have done before at Loomis, and I hope people enjoy seeing dance in a new light,” Shymkiv said.
StuCo hopes that the student body will come to support the performers and Pencils of Promise.
“We are extremely excited for everyone to support a great cause and showcase their talents to the community,” StuCo Representative Tess Griffith ’22 said.