Skewers & Co: Creating Change, One Skewer at a Time

Zarin Rizvi '24, Contributor

The smell of sizzling barbecue on the grill drew many students to attend the debut event of the Skewers & Co club. Founders and presidents Neil Grover ’23 and Jake Oakley ’23 created the club this year with the vision of bringing people together through their shared passion for cooking.
Skewers & Co works to unite students with food and also educate the community about a variety of cultures. Grover, growing up eating Indian kebabs and Oakley, using his mom’s recipe for a traditional Russian shashlik, celebrate their own cultures through the club.
“We strive to incorporate different cultures into the club. It started with just the leaders’ [cultures], but we decided to branch out to all the members’ [cultures],” Grover said.
Members of the club are encouraged to bring their home specialties to the Skewers & Co grill. Each new recipe allows students to represent and share their culture with the community.
When the creators of Skewers & Co started the club, they made it a goal to construct an accepting environment. After each event, the leaders seek feedback to try and improve the experience for everyone.
“Every event I’ve attended, like Harvest Fest and s’mores night, the leaders created a welcoming environment where people can come to unwind, hang out with friends, and enjoy delicious food served on skewers,” Sofia Rincón ’24 said.
In addition to actively creating a safe space for students to relax and enjoy comfort foods, Skewers & Co has set new goals and embarked upon new endeavors.
“[Skewers & Co.] started as a social gathering space, but recently, we have been getting into a lot of charity work. With the increasing popularity of the club, we saw an opportunity to truly make a difference,” Oakley said.
Not only does Skewers & Co use its platform to impact the Loomis Chaffee community, but the club also supports the school’s surrounding town of Windsor. The club works closely with the Windsor Food and Fuel Bank, organizing fundraisers with all the proceeds donated to the charity.
The founders have transformed their fascination with cultural dishes and love for cooking into an impactful organization supporting the greater community. As Skewers & Co grows on campus, so does their mission.