After the Island: Keeping up with Former Editors-in-Chief of the Log

Madison Hua '23, Social Media Manager

Have you ever thought about what the former Editors-in-Chief (EiCs) of the Log do after they graduate Loomis Chaffee? Two former EiCs, Milton Lee ’18 and Liam Scott ’19, share what they are up to, reflect upon the lessons they learned at Loomis, and give advice for current Loomis students.

Milton Lee ’18
Milton Lee now attends the University of Chicago, studying history and economics. He worked in paralegal studies the summer of his first year, and, in his second and third year, he worked with a healthcare investment firm based in New York. In his final year at the University of Chicago, he is heading off to a healthcare IT company working in operational rule.
Lee currently lives with his roommate and enjoys cooking and journaling about restaurants in Chicago.
Reflecting upon his time at the Island, Lee shared that he had learned many lessons.
“The Log definitely taught me a lot about leadership skills, soft skills, [and how] to communicate with other people and motivate them to write on a deadline.”
Although not explicitly journalistic in his endeavors, the skills and friendships he made at the Log stayed with him the most.
“It was a very formative experience with the little cave underneath Palmer. It got super hot down there, and [we were] secluded, but when I think about my time at Loomis…the hours I spent down there with my team were some of the most formative times that I experienced at the Island,” Lee said.
Lee shared that his biggest regret was not being as open to people as he wished he had been, but he learned that there “really isn’t anything to lose.”
Lee reminisces about his time at Loomis and going to Dom’s with his friends for brunch on a Saturday morning. The friendships and memories that came along with the rigor of being a student at Loomis taught Lee to cherish those experiences.

Liam Scott ’19
Liam Scott is currently a junior at Georgetown University, where he studies international politics and mass atrocities. He has interned with the We are Human Rights Project, the Timor Leste Embassy in Washington, D.C., Genocide Studies and Prevention (a journal based in Germany), and the Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect.
Furthermore, Scott has interned with the company Voices of America as a reporting intern, covering press freedom and the Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities. He is currently a research assistant at the Center for Jewish Civilization and focusing on the Holocaust, the Yezidi genocide, and ISIS.
Scott has been actively involved with Georgetown’s newspaper, The Hoya, since his freshman fall. He started writing with features and now serves as an executive editor.
“Loomis helped me grow my passion for journalism,” Scott said.
Scott took the opportunity he had at Loomis to learn about journalism and was able to continue this passion at Georgetown.
Loomis provided Scott with a space where he could pursue different areas of interest.
“I’m very interested in mass atrocities studies and mass atrocities prevention, which is a niche interest, but…I got to explore that during my senior year really in depth,” Scott said.
Scott is very grateful for the opportunities he had while at Loomis.
“It speaks to the importance of trusting yourself and your instincts, even at a young age, and to trust yourself to really take control and go after what you’re interested in. Loomis was a place that championed those goals and that process,” Scott said.
High school is a place where many memories are made, and Scott has cherished his Loomis experiences.
“I do miss the community and feeling like I knew everyone as I was walking around—the students, the teachers, the administration—and knowing that my teachers had my back and supported me if I needed it,” Scott said.