This Winter is Not Too Cold — Holiday Help to Families


Around the holidays, there has always been an emphasis on helping young children and families in need. But this excludes a large portion of the population that is frequently forgotten: older people who live alone with no family and support. In fact, they often receive nothing during the holidays. For this very reason, Ms. Lombardo’s predecessor teamed up with social workers in Windsor twenty-two years ago to commence this program of helping those in need over the holidays.

Most of the people receiving help from this program suffer from some type of disability, whether it is mental, physical or a handicap. Because of these various factors, they are unable to work full time jobs and provide necessities for themselves. They live off of extremely low incomes and often depend on money from government funded agencies. At Loomis, many of our lives are drastically different from theirs. As temporary members of the Windsor community, it is our duty to help them in every way possible. Loomis has devoted itself to changing the holiday experiences for twenty-two individuals and five families in an effort to make an impact on our community.

The individuals ask for gifts as simple as gift cards of CVS to buy their medications and toiletries, or of Geisslers to buy food. Others request batteries, winter coats, gloves, and hats—items that many of us at Loomis take for granted on a daily basis. A large number of us will end up receiving a surplus of gifts that we do not need, so why can’t we provide those gifts to people with at least the bare minimum?

Thankfully, many people in our community are grateful for their circumstances and wish to help those who are less fortunate. Multiple dorms, sports teams, academic departments, clubs, and classes have taken on helping individuals this holiday season. Every type of group is represented in the collective effort to support individuals. Both Dean Sasser and Dean Barker took on an individual or a family for their entire class to aid for Christmas.

In each group, one person spear heads the project by collecting everyone’s donations and then buying the gifts on the wish list. All items must be wrapped and ready to go by December 15th.

Any contribution to this endeavor is highly encouraged. Any gift is greatly appreciated. I am truly honored and excited to be involved in such an amazing program that gives back to the less fortunate members in our community. I wish I could see the smiles on their faces when they receive these heartfelt gifts.