Windsor Beats: Siam Corner

Emily Khym '23, Features Editor

Just a short walk away from campus, Siam Corner is a Thai food haven located in the town of Windsor. Established in October 2017, Siam Corner offers novel cuisine options for many Loomis Chaffee students.
Banpoth Chitharn and Thanida Thipwathi, husband and wife, run the restaurant. They work at the counter and sometimes help out in the kitchen.
“When we see the students, I think they are my nephew, my daughter, my son. We love the students. They are like our family. It’s like we are part of one big family,” Thipwathi said.
The couple started the restaurant because of their love for Windsor and its community.
“We love this town. It is so cute and people are really really nice. It’s also near a school and train station, which helps us a lot,” Thipwathi continued.
Siam Corner also serves as a reminder of home for LC Thai students.
“It’s tradition that Thai kids meet at the beginning of every school year at Siam Corner. I remember when the Thai sophomores, juniors, and seniors brought me and the other Thai freshmen to the restaurant,” Seth Sukboontip ’23 said.
Not only is Siam Corner a place for Thai students to remember their home country, it also helps introduce Thai culture to LC students.
“We support the Thai club and international students whenever we can. It would also be great to let people know about Thai food. Some people come here and say that it’s their first time trying Thai food,” Thipwath said.
“Getting to try Thai food also opens Loomis to a culture that is far away,” Pynn Harinsuit ’23, another international Thai student, said.
Recently LC students have been informed that the management of Siam Corner will change in March. While the food and cooks will remain the same, Chitharn and Thipwathi are planning on retiring back to their home in Bloomfield, CT.
“It’s actually because my arm is broken,” Chitharn said.
“My husband needs to retire. My little sister will continue the restaurant. Managing a restaurant is about working hard, which is why I think it would be better for younger people to continue this restaurant. We will still use the same name, ‘Siam Corner,’ ” Thipwathi said.
The couple plans to visit Thailand for a short vacation and then come back to Connecticut. Thipwathi plans on working one day per week at Siam Corner as her love for the town and students is very deep.
“We are happy when we cook the food for the people and they love our food. I also know many students consider this place as a bubble tea place. Don’t worry, we [will] still have bubble tea,” Thipwathi said.
Thipwathi wants to ensure that Siam Corner is not leaving Windsor and that the food will be of the same quality.
“I want to let the students know not to worry. We are just changing the people who manage [the restaurant], but the Thai food is still here,” Thipwathi said.