Winter Survival Tips: You Will Survive…Maybe


Mary Anne Porto ’16

If you are a freshman, new sophomore, new junior or a new PG, you may have never experienced the toughest three weeks of the year on the Island, and you might not know how to handle these foreboding challenges ahead. Although newcomer Jeremy Conn’18 said that it is “impossible” to survive these three weeks of misery, our seniors have given us some advice on how they have somehow made it through.

First, this time of the year is vital to setting your grades for the term. To help manage the stress, Tristan Rhodes’16, Bailey Coyne’16 as well as other seniors have repeatedly stressed that sleep is one of the most important things during these few weeks before Christmas. Chet Kempczynski, a senior who has enjoyed his countless repeated years at Loomis, especially loves short naps during the day, which are also known as “cat-naps.” Both Esteban Salazar’16 and Carl Francalangia’16 agree that whether you are taking a full course load or not, “you have to tough it out and stay on top of things.” Another tip from the seniors was to NOT deep your classes, an idea that might be good throughout the whole year but not just in these weeks.

In sense of what to wear : if you know nothing about New England winter, layers are highly recommended. Although the weather has not been extremely cold recently — thanks to global warming — the frosty snow can easily bring you into the winter blues. However, as senior Habiba Hobson’16 said,  “don’t let the cold ruin your day!” It is always a good tip to get you all the way from winter to summer break.

Since it is the seniors’ last year at Loomis, many of them are actually excited for the these three weeks as well as the rest of the term. Habiba, Tristan and Jeremy are looking forward to winter break and Christmas, some of the happiest times of the year. Gaby Inzone’16 is especially excited to go skiing for the first time this year. Chet also also shared what he is most excited about. “That’s personal, I’m blushing, but…the first snowfall.”

Whether winter is your favorite(or least favorite) season, it is important to be on top of your game in both academics and sports. But hard work is worth it, because the season of Christmas is approaching — stay positive!