A Snowy Change of Scenery

Zoe Alford '23, Staff Writer

As the cold air of winter falls upon Loomis Chaffee, so does a couple inches of snow. When our campus is covered in a sheet of white, students and other community members participate in some of their favorite snowy day activities.
“My favorite way to spend a snow day is by hitting the slopes by the Meadows because there are usually a bunch of people there,” Loren Schweizer ’23 said.
While the winter months can sometimes feel dreary, the glistening snow covering campus buildings can lighten the mood.
“It’s really nice that the dorm is super understanding of how stressed students may be and how being in the snow is a nice break. For example, one time it was snowing out and [the dorm heads] gave us an extension for late check-in if we wanted to go play out in the snow with our friends,” Schweizer said.
For many Loomis students, boarding school is their first experience living in cold temperatures and seeing snow. Loomis offers the opportunity for many of our boarders from warmer climates to observe a new environment that may feel unusual but nevertheless exciting.
“I saw the snow through my window that morning and woke my roommate up—she was not so happy. I think I took about a hundred pictures to send to my parents,” Nicole Levine ’24 said.
Compared to New England winters, South California only reaches 55 degrees at its lowest. Levine described winters at home as “short and sweet,” so she likes to take advantage of the snowy days here in Windsor.
“When it snows on the Island, I like to drink hot chocolate and watch movies in my dorm. Sledding is too cold… I prefer to stay warm indoors,” Levine said.
Whether outside in the cold temperatures while sledding down the snowy hills of the Meadows or curling up in a warm dorm with a blanket and a good movie, wintertime at Loomis never fails to excite the community with its snowy change of scenery.