Moore departs for UMass, Banks named head football coach


Jim Stout/MaxPreps

Jeff Moore led Loomis Chaffee to a 12-7 record in two seasons, and a New England title in 2021.

Jake Klein '23, Sports Editor

On December 9, Mr. Jeff Moore sent his final tweet as Loomis Chaffee’s head football coach. “This place is special. The people are even better. To our team, our staff, and Loomis Chaffee, I love you,” Moore wrote, just hours after informing his team that he would leave the school after Christmas to become the recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach at UMass-Amherst. “It was a tough day for our football team,” said Dante Reno ’24, who set a multitude of school records in his first year as the Pelicans’ quarterback, “but we’ve recovered tremendously.”
After a 3-6 debut season in 2019 and a canceled 2020 campaign, Moore guided Loomis to a 9-1 record and a New England championship with Reno at the helm in 2021. He attracted 14 new recruits to the team before the championship season, and 10 members of the 2021 team will graduate and matriculate to the Division-I level.
In less than two months in his new role at his alma mater, Moore has signed 20 players to the UMass recruiting class, but he left behind a Loomis team that’s losing 12 starters to graduation. In the interim, offensive coordinator Mr. Donnie McKillop led a player-charged movement to build upon Moore’s recruiting foundation and continue to attract new players to the school.
On January 10, Loomis Chaffee announced that Amherst College quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator Mr. Adam Banks would replace Moore. Banks spent 11 seasons at Amherst, where he served as Moore’s superior in 2012 and McKillop’s co-worker in 2016. Former players and colleagues describe him as smart, hard-working and a good offensive-minded coach. “We’ll certainly have some wrinkles, in terms of what we’re doing offensively and defensively, but I don’t know if I anticipate us completely overturning the apple cart,” Banks said.
When the spot opened, applications flooded in, with over 50 candidates reaching out in the first 24 hours, making Loomis’ head football coach one of the most desirable high school coaching positions in the United States.
“The desire from everyone who was important on campus to keep things going was really important,” said Banks, who was selected from a group of three finalists for the job.
Banks won’t move onto campus until the summer, and his long commute home to Massachusetts will limit his time on campus for the remainder of the school year, but he anxiously awaits the opportunity to dive into the ins and outs of his new team.
“We’re in recruiting season right now,” Banks said, “but once everybody leaves, we can focus on being good here at Loomis.”
Next season’s schedule for the Pelicans includes blockbuster matchups on the road against Avon Old Farms, Deerfield, and Choate, and Banks’ quarterback is already enjoying working with him.
“He’s the right guy for us,” Reno said.