Winter Break Daily Checklist

Brigham Cooper '24, Contributor

Wake up at 11 a.m.
Have an anxiety attack regarding test grades
Have an anxiety attack regarding class grades
Have an anxiety attack regarding your previous anxiety attacks
Check the clock at 1 p.m.
Get out of bed
Smell the fresh air
Girlboss down the stairs in cozy slippers and a bathrobe
Dump sugar and cream into your morning cup of coffee (who’s stopping you?)
Walk back upstairs with aforementioned girlboss energy
Scream along to Miley Cyrus’s version of “All I Want for Christmas is You” in the bathtub
Put on an ugly sweater
Itch like crazy
Take off the ugly sweater
Put on “normal person” clothes
Go outside
Take a walk around the neighborhood and harshly critique others’ Christmas decorations
Say, “Hello,” to your neighbor you haven’t seen or thought about in ten years
Get exposed to Omicron and stage a Transformers brawl between your immune system and the virus
Pour flour into a bowl and yeet the flour as high as possible in backyard to simulate snow falling
Bake and decorate Christmas cookies
Watch the sunset at 4 p.m.
Watch “Die Hard 1”
Watch “Die Hard 2”
Realize that Die Hard 2 is not a Christmas movie and feel dead inside
Check Veracross one more time
Eat a grandiose dinner
Put on cozy pajamas
Put on cozy socks
Turn off the bedroom lights
Get underneath two or three blankets
Binge Netflix
Sleep at 4 a.m.