When is the Right Time to Put Up a Christmas Tree?

Katie Fullerton '24, Contributor

The question of when the right time is to put up a Christmas tree boggles the minds of Santa’s smartest elves, causes the stock markets to plummet on Black Friday, and delays flights due to winter storms. But alas, it has been answered. In fact, there are three possible answers; the right answer depends on your personal preference. It is up to you to unwrap your favorite gift, to choose the answer that best stirs your hot chocolate.
If you celebrate Christmas for religious purposes unlike most people (cough, cough myself) this answer will especially appeal to you. In the advent calendar—yes, like an advent calendar that counts down the days until Christmas and rewards you with a chocolate—the preceding days are for preparations to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ or for the Second Coming of Christ.
The beginning of Advent, the closest Sunday to November 30th, seems like an appropriate time to put up a tree. A festive, new tree symbolizes the start and rejuvenation of a new season, a joyful season filled with life, laughter, and love. The joy of the holiday season is a season for all, regardless of one’s religious beliefs. According to Charlie Liss ’24, “the best day to put up a Hannukkah Bush is a day before Hanukkah.” Funnily enough, this year, Hanukkah began on the same day as Advent. I wonder why…
And if you are not religious, the ending of November is the perfect time to put up either your tree or bush to plant the start of the joyful season. It’s late enough that the tree will survive until Christmas!
If that answer does not fit your ski boot, buckle up. This one applies to all people during all seasons. Buy a fake tree on any day of the year and embellish it with the according seasonal ornaments.
For example, in October, use a mini pumpkin as a star, a Nerd’s rope as tinsel, and use creepy ornaments with spiders, witches, and candy. Redecorate your tree each season. Incorporate the spirit of the holiday season all year round!
If both of those answers nip you in the cold, you are probably a cynic. But don’t give up yet; you will love this answer! Do not buy, put up, or decorate a Christmas tree at all. Embody the grinch, the scrooge, and the other holiday haters. Ski into the mentality that “all that glitters is not gold.”
Realize that all living organisms inevitably die—trees included. Re-leaf yourself the burden of sweeping up dead needles, putting away ornaments, decorations, and long lost memories of Christmas’ past, and prevent deforestation!! Save the life of a tree!!