Your REAL New Year’s Resolutions | Not Clickbait


Isabella Wang

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Gabriel Jiang '24, Contributor

It is the night of December 31, and you are gathered with your family in the living room to watch the ball drop. This year, you planned to write down the New Year’s Resolutions that you are definitely going to follow next year and are totally not giving up within a month. You are even going to use your lucky pencil that you got 5 years ago.

Everyone is on that grind to get that perfect physique this year. You decided to write down “healthiness” again, even though nothing seems to change each year you write it. Maybe you could start by doing 100 push-ups each night before bed.
Every night, you have been staying up until 3 a.m. to get in your daily dose of Netflix or YouTube. This year, you decide to change and sleep for a nice 13 hours every night. Seems like a good choice.
You always told yourself, “There is a tomorrow,” but now you wish that you never spent those 7 hours on YouTube. You now tell yourself that you will be different this year…or next year.
Seeing the world can be a very colorful experience, so why not write “travel more,” especially with the current global circumstances. You can go to places you’ve always wanted to go and not have to squish through large crowds.
You wanted to add some spice into your life, so you decided to write, “Discover the Philosopher’s Stone.” It is something that could make you a tad bit happier, and why not try and get rich from it too…or maybe you can do this next year instead.