Should Holiday Music be Played Year-Round?


Lillian Clark

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Lillian Clark '24, Staff Writer

November 1st – Alex Gray
It surprises me that only now are people okay with playing the holiday tunes that I love wholeheartedly. Surely Santa, living in the North Pole—home to endless winter—gets to enjoy all the wonderful songs year-round that are associated with this time of year.
I mean, how can you avoid bursting into song when the weather is anything below 100°F? If this perspective toward holiday tunes truly angers you, I’m sure some small lyric modifications could be made to accommodate your opinions:

(To the tune of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Idina Menzel)
I need some water
Baby, it’s hot outside
Pools’ are awaiting
Baby, it’s hot outside
These past days have been
So refreshing

Do I need to go on? Just some small adjustments, and there you go: a song for the whole year. Besides, why go through the effort of trying to change lyrics when you can just stand outside in the middle of April and start screaming “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU!”
Sure you’d get some dirty looks, but why would you care? Just because the song mentions Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t listen to it on repeat all year-round. If I had to recall the last month that I didn’t listen to any Christmas songs, I would be guessing; It’s been a while.

November 1st – Charlie Ferguson

Today is the beginning of the end. I had to go to CVS to pick up my weekly snacks, and all their Christmas decorations were up. Halloween had disappeared in less than 24 hours.
There are so many other things that we could be listening to other than Frosty the Snowman on every single radio station playing in this city. Every billboard ad, every shop in town is decorated for Christmas. Stands are springing up overnight populating the sidewalks.

How dare people put up their Christmas trees already? We still have weeks until the actual holiday, not to mention the other holidays between now and December 25th. Everyone just tells me to deal with it and embrace it. Try telling that to the people that feel the need to scream the lyrics of these songs in the middle of spring! They don’t care, but I do. Maybe it’s time to hack into Spotify’s database and delete all the Christmas songs. They’ll all be lost without them! Sure, some parts of the holidays aren’t horrible. Receiving gifts again about halfway through the year after my birthday? I’ll take it! But if I hear “All I want for Christmas is yoooouuuuu!” one more time, I’m going to punch something, or someone.