Varsity Volleyball Starts Undefeated

Nicole Levine '24, Contributor

The Loomis Chaffee Varsity Volleyball team has had a victorious start. After two years of no competitions, the team has won all five of their games so far. The Island is buzzing with content for their successful start of the season.
The first game against Sacred Heart had the team travelling to Greenwich, Connecticut. All three sets at Sacred Heart were won 25-20, marking an auspicious beginning to the season. The girls’ won the following two games with similar scores, winning triumphantly 3-0 for three games in a row.
A game at Deerfield challenged the volleyball players to a battle of four sets. The team conquered the first two sets with scores each at 25-14; but the third game posed a challenge, as Deerfield battled through and ultimately won the third set 25-22. However, with volleyball being a game of best out of five sets, this allowed the team another chance, and they concluded the game with a win, taking the match 25-21.
The team was supported at the game against Deerfield with a crowd of energetic fans cheering on their fellow Pelicans in Hawaiian-themed gear. An immense amount of high-spirited energy provided an air of encouragement for the volleyball players.
“[The crowd is] a motivation for us to play harder and do better.” Emma Wuchenich ’24, a second year varsity team player, said.
“We always talk about staying positive in the game’s momentum. It’s okay to lose eight points, you just can’t lose eight points in a row.” Coach Dyreson shared, when asked about the mindset in between the last two sets. “They minimize how many moments you can have a moment where you’re like, I made a mistake, and then the mindset is ‘alright I want another opportunity’ and the team supports that. To pick everybody up. It helps to minimize those negative things and (when you) stay focused and positive, good results happen.”
On the court, the team practices an ‘in’ approach. They leave everything other than volleyball outside of practice, and work on giving their all into the game.
“[The on-court team environment] makes a big difference in terms of energy and motivation when you feel like you are playing for something more. We have that within our team. We feel like we are playing for each other, and representing Loomis as a whole is really cool, too,” said Assistant Coach Insuik.
The team is often seen off the court together, not only as teammates but as friends. They had team dinners and went to an apple orchard to help strengthen the connection between the teammates.

“Skill only takes you so far,” Turner Brode ‘23 commented.

Photo my Assistant Coach Insuik, player Mariia Sidorova attacks the ball