Windsor Town Center: An Oasis For Loomis Students

Ashley Valdez-Rodriguez '23, Staff Writer

For the first time since the pandemic hit the 2019-2020 school year, students are able to travel into Windsor Town Center. The opportunity to walk into town, however, requires the strict adherence to COVID-19 rules to protect both locals and students.
Similar to on-campus protocols, students are allowed to be maskless outside, but must have masks on indoors; only those who remain unvaccinated are required to have masks on at all times. Customary regulations, such as weekend town hours being from 6 a.m. and weekday town hours taking place anytime after your final obligation at school until dark remain intact.
Additionally, if students need to travel after dark or during the school day, they must seek permission in the form of an approved leave request in the dean’s office and confirmation of attending in at least groups of two.
Students are expected to stay within the drawn boundaries of town: “Route 159 Broad St. between Island Road and the shopping center with Mofongo, just north of the main intersection… Barts, Jim’s Pizzeria, and Windsor High School would all be considered outside of the town center,” Dean of Students Nick Barker said on behalf of the Student Life Office.
Gbolade Olusanya ’23 said he “like[s] eating food and… enjoy[s] the wonderful environment Windsor has to offer.” On the importance of going to town occasionally, “Everytime I make a trip out to town with a group of friends my mood automatically shifts into something better.” he said.
Numerous students share Gbolade’s sentiments about Windsor Town Center— it contains a diversity of hangout spots and possesses an amiable atmosphere. The Bean, Siam Corner Thai Kitchen & Pho, A Taste of India, and Dom’s Eatery appear among the most popular places to visit in town. In a poll presented to the freshman and sophomore girls in Richmond Dorm, CVS and the Bean were voted as the go-to places to shop and dine, respectively.
“I enjoy going to town because it allows me to take a break from school. I also enjoy going to town with friends on the weekends to get some coffee or even to just take a walk outside of campus,” said Alex Fuller ’23.
Windsor Town Center proves to remain a popular visit for Loomis students after a year of being closed off, despite the additional COVID-safe protocols that come along with visitation. The center serves as a pause from the occasionally demanding student life at Loomis Chaffee.