Festival of Creativity

Khanh Le '24, Contributor

Halloween costumes can be anything. Literally anything from a hamburger to Voldermort is possible. You can be whatever you want to be, unlimited in your creativity. So, how do you make your costumes the most recognizable and humorous on campus? These are some ideas you should consider:

Dress as your deans or your teachers. Hopefully you won’t get dress-coded, but maybe you could dress-code them.
What could be better than dressing as the food at the dining hall? Pick your favorite and strut around as a curly fry or a chicken tender with pride.
Go to the dining hall and see what drinks you like the most. Then, you should get some bottles and tape them around your body.
Dress as the school mascot. Dressing as a pelican is a great way to show your Loomis Chaffee pride. The faculty will notice you and make sure that for the rest of the year, you won’t get any Saturday night study halls, deeps, levels, etc.
Maybe you could try taking apart your actual wardrobe closet and roping it to your body so you can walk around with it as your costume. You will get stronger at the end of the day.
Next, you could get all your friends to dress up as chess pieces. If you can get 32 people to do that, then you can play chess anywhere!
If you still need a Halloween costume idea at this point, you can just buy a sink and put it on top of your head. This way you can practice your balance, and people can wash their hands while walking with you.
Get two vacuums from your dorm and tape them to your arms during Halloween. This is a great way to teach people about cleaning their rooms.
The winter merch in the bookstore is out: buy all the new hoodies and put them on yourself at the same time. Extra benefit: this helps Loomis grow economically.
Last but not least, you could just go to sleep and skip all the festivities. You can totally forget about all the needless socialization and move on with your life.