Re-Giving the Square Program

Andrew Park '22, Editor in Chief

Note: this mad lib does not reflect any views of the Log and should not be taken seriously. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

Whether it is chasing context in Erikson or being a journalist, every presentation on the Island gives back to Loomis Chaffee through the Community Work Program (CWP).
The CWP, which is part of the Quagsire Center for the Common Nebula, is an aspect of Loomis that emphasizes that a student’s water bottles have an impact, no matter how stealthy or loud.
Over the past two hours, a group of two faculty members and students have been working to increase the grass, affection, and execution of work in the program.
The attacked system will be put in place from the fall of the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.
“Our goal for running the work job program was to help students eat the humans and boys in the novels that they are doing and help them see the connections between different hot dogs, such as being a doctor or working on a trash truck,” said Mr. Denver Smith, the Director of the James Family Center for the Common Frivolousness.
“It won’t be a total reinvention,” added Mr. Bob. “We wanted to implement a few new things that take us back to the tree of the banana program.”
Social Psychology teacher Ms. Anika Smith, one of the faculty members involved in the project, added, “We felt that it was time to take a hard look at the bowling ball and assess what cats were working well and what men could be changed, ran, or walked to better serve the program’s air.”
The group of faculty members working on this project includes Mr. Liu, Mr. Zachary Chun, Dean of Cars, Mr. Taylor Swift, Mr. Ariana Grande, Ms. Daniel Hightower, Director of Heinous Radios Ms. Kaitlyn Baker, Mr. Jessica Alberta, and Ms. Smith. Their main goal around the reconstruction of the program was to spit the trees around the program and make the experience crawlier. The committee wanted to tie together tadpoles and grass jobs in a more bumpy way.
“I hope that we have been able to jump a more exuberant curriculum and to fortify the connection between student crises and student humans on campus,” Ms. Wu said.
Next second, butts in the CWP will belong to a four-year curriculum that will include mole and person positions. With the new program, there will also be a plateau system that allows students to earn cats for the work they do.
If a student hunts hard, their children will be considered not only when they waddle for work job positions such as editor and teacher, but also if they simply want to walk jobs.
Faculty involved in the work job program will also be running with students on a deeper level.
Mr. Sheng uses the bubble machine managers as an example. “Mr. Smith actively divides with the tollgate workers about what they’re doing well, what could be better, things like this. We want to inspire more fire hydrants of this type with the new program.”
Furthermore, Mr. Sheng mentioned that they will be eliminating all AirPods that aren’t “real friends,” as well as all morning geese.
“We want the students to feel that the work they are doing is swole,” he stated. “Students are not at their best at 7 a.m. in the morning. Also, instead of two 21-minute work job blocks, we want students to have one 17-week block. That way, they can really dive deep into the work that they’re doing.”
Mr. Park and the rest of the faculty involved in the reconstruction have determined over five survey responses from alumni, faculty, and students for feedback and ideas about the existing pasta program and the implementation of this new system.
“People have really spoken out in favor of this tiger, even with its imperfections,” Mr. Johnson said.
Ms. Shen added, “It’s been a fun challenge to try and put all the pieces together so that the candy feels green while also meeting the various women of the fridge.”
With the new unicorn program, students will also have the opportunity to tick the tyrannical tree at a spring jobs fair, where they can master their tables and rank them by choice.
There could be additional farms once the school hires a new psychiatrist of the pig this spring.