Mercy Art Gallery Opening/Emerging Writers and Artists Exhibition

Chloe Chen '22, Staff Writer

Every year, Loomis Chaffee hosts the Emerging Writers and Artists Exhibitions, which are programs for students to display their works in the Richmond Art Center at the start of the school year.
The Emerging Writers program allows writers to choose any topic and write in any form to create a final portfolio. Given almost no constraints—many students choose to reflect on their past and future.
“This rollercoaster of a summer largely revolved around college: preparing for college, visiting colleges, SAT prep, etc. Facing the reality of adulthood also had me in a weird mental state; I started to feel nostalgic, almost, for the past 12 years, while simultaneously worrying about what the future holds,” Aidan Cooper ’22 said.
He emphasized that writing serves as an outlet from the worry and apprehension of senior fall and growing up.
“Emerging Writers was a conduit for me. I ended up focusing on my experiences, anxieties, and hopes that plagued my summer months, with generally loose styles to convey my emotional rawness,” Aiden said.
Similarly, Chinelo Osakwe ’23 reflected upon her childhood.
“For Emerging Writers, I wrote a compilation of four narratives and one poem about nostalgia and its development throughout adolescence, the reminiscing of the past, and the progression of mental health and mental illness. The title of this compilation is called A Euphoric Memorial. I personally find it slightly relatable, [and] I touched on themes in my own life and themes I’ve noticed,” she said.
The adjacent Emerging Artists program also allows artists to create portfolios on any topic in a visual medium.
“My artwork was centered around self reflection and human beings. I focused a lot on drawing faces and humans. Over the summer, I took a lot of time looking back on myself and drew a self-portrait that portrayed my identity, and my true self. Technique wise I focused on colors and the absence of colors for each artwork,” Julie Kang ’23 said.
Emerging Writers and Artists Exhibitions allow students to explore their experiences through artistics means, without the constraints that normally accompany school assignments.