Windsor Beats: Dom’s Broad Street Eatery

Fedora Liu '24 and Anuva Koli '24, Staff Writers

“Where old friends gather and new friends meet!”
Dom’s Broad Street Eatery’s motto epitomizes the welcoming atmosphere of the diner. Just a quick walk away from the Loomis Chaffee campus, it has become a popular spot for LC students to enjoy a tasty meal.
Located to the left of Geissler’s Supermarket, Dom’s offers a range of American meals from breakfast tacos to pancakes and french toast—a breakfast menu that can suit anyone’s taste.
Celebrating its twentieth anniversary this coming January, Dom’s was founded on January 1st, 2002 by Dominic “Dom” DiBella. After Dominic passed in 2010, Jason, his son, took over the restaurant himself.
When asked what his favorite part about running Dom’s was, Jason answered almost immediately.
“It’s the people…I absolutely love it. I did work for my father early on, for the first couple years, and I was more behind the scenes…cooking, and things like that. My father was more front of the house, getting to know the customers, so he had more of a connection to the people,” Jason said. “I think I was maybe a little bit shy…but believe it or not, as time has gone on, I actually enjoy that [the] most.”
Growing up in Windsor, Jason has had his own history with LC. Loomis has been central to his childhood.
“Loomis always had the best fields…we would always play football, not even sure if we were allowed on the fields,” Jason said.
Over the years, the restaurant retained its old-fashioned environment and delicious meals, but one thing has changed: the menu. When Jason took over the family business, he noticed that Dom’s had an older clientele.
“The menu style was geared more towards older people. Or at least, that was the type that we would attract,” he said. “So, I made some changes to the menu, and I think that helped bring in a younger crowd [and] more families.”
Jason altered the entire menu, from the french toast to the pancakes, and to the ten different types of benedicts. Benedicts, by the way, are a personal favorite of Jason.
“They sell really, really well,” he said, adding that it was a must-try for customers. “It’s something different.”
The new menu certainly attracted more students from LC as well. Like the other businesses in Windsor, Dom’s is greatly impacted by LC students and faculty dining in for a weekly brunch with friends or simply for a hearty Dom’s benedict.
“Being up front [of the restaurant], getting to know everyone, it’s amazing…especially the Loomis kids. Getting to know them as a freshman, and then seeing them get older and grow, and now they’re done with Loomis, and you get a whole new crew in. It’s a huge, huge part of our weekend business, and I enjoy having the kids. They’re always very nice and respectful,” Jason said.
To Jason, Dom’s has become a place of old memories and new friends. It was also the place where Jason met his wife. Initially co-workers at Dom’s, Jason recalls the early days between him and his wife.
“She was the cashier…and everyone always told us we would be great together, and we both brushed it off,” Jason laughed. “Ten years later, we were still friends, things just worked out, and now we’re married!”
Back when Dom’s first opened up, Dominic’s original vision was to create a family-friendly restaurant with a relaxed environment, a goal Jason believes Dom’s has achieved.
“It’s just that kind of place where the police officers eat, where the town workers eat. Every town has a place like that, and I believe Dom’s is that place,” he said.