From a Chocolate Milkshake Escapade to a Promposal: a Faculty Friendship

Emily Khym '23, Features Editor

Having friends at work is always a plus. Ms. Isabelle Fitzpatrick, affectionately referred to as Ms. Fitz, and Ms. Anne Sher, both members of the math department, have shared a sweet bond over chocolate milkshakes and donuts. Whether it be walking Ms. Fitz’s dog to the park or going on Wednesday afternoon Bloomfield bagel trips, the duo has spent their closest three years with each other.

As new Loomis teachers starting their journey in 2018, Ms. Fitz and Ms. Sher were roommates. It was only when they both decided to hop into a car and go on a 40-minute drive to Baskin Robbins for chocolate milkshakes that they truly became friends. That night, a flood in the restaurant left them stranded to talk to each other. Their friendship bloomed from then, bringing them on spontaneous trips.

In the summer of 2019, Ms. Sher and Ms. Fitz took an impromptu trip to Bermuda, two hours away from Boston.

“Ms. Sher persuaded me to go jet skiing, and we had so much good food. I remember eating mahi-mahi and spending time at the beach,” Ms. Fitzpatrick said.

Ms. Sher and Ms. Fitz also enjoyed buying cookies, going on donut runs for their students, or sharing silent laughs in Math Department meetings. In 2019, they both were on weekend duty in Longman, so they would sit on the couch and chat with the girls. On some nights, they would choreograph dances, go apple-picking, or sing karaoke.

“I’m really going to miss being at work with my friend every day. She’s not only someone I can learn from, but also someone who brings joy to every moment. She’s just so full of happiness. She loves seeing the kids each day and makes classes so much more fun,” Ms. Fitzpatrick continued.

The two friends also share a love for pets: Ms. Sher has always wanted a pet lizard, and they spend time together walking Ms. Fitz’s dog Coco.

Simply having a friend to chaperone events and confide in has been valuable for both teachers. This year’s prom will be the last event they will chaperone, which is why Ms. Fitzpatrick prepared a surprise promposal for Ms. Sher. As a last hoorah for their time at Loomis, they hope to leave Loomis with a donut box full of memories.

“If you know Ms. Fitz she’s such a goofy person, and our personalities are very similar. It’s nice to have someone I can work with but also confide with and be silly with. There’s so much fun in it,” Ms. Sher concluded.