StuCo Beats

Zoe Alford '23, Contributor

Student representation has been one of the biggest themes for the Student Council during the past few months. The representatives have been working hard toward providing Loomis Chaffee students with a louder voice in our community.

One of the most exciting task groups that formed recently is the student representation task group. The group’s end goal is to have students apply for positions on faculty committees that directly impact the student experience. It would be extremely beneficial for students to serve on these committees because they will be able to offer opinions from the student’s perspective and bring a much-needed voice to the conversations surrounding issues that affect the student body. The proposal regarding student representation was passed by the Student Council and recently approved by the school administration. Information regarding applications and elections to the various faculty committees will be forthcoming.

Additionally, the Student Council has been working on creating an alumni internship and shadowing program that Loomis students will be able to take part in over the summers.

“Their goal is to create a program for students to work with alumni, where we will use the alumni network program to pair students up with alumni who are in the same profession that the student is aspiring to be a part of,” Junior Boarders Representative Michael Zhou ’22 explained.

The members of this task group are now working towards meeting with members of The Alumni/Development Office in order to discuss the idea further and reach out to possible alumni who could get involved.

Class meetings are also being discussed in weekly StuCo meetings. The task group working on this believes that creating all-school meetings and minimizing the number of class meetings will be the most efficient way of delivering information while simultaneously strengthening Loomis’ sense of community.

The proposal includes weekly meetings that rotate between an all-school meeting and a class meeting. However, some members of the Student Council have suggested this could actually lead to more time in Olcott, rather than less time.