Avoiding the Corona-Blues

Andy Choi ’23, Contributor

To a lot of people, 2020 seemed like a year from a straight-to-TV science fiction movie. A new type of virus found its way into our immune system, crushing our hopes and dreams for 2020, and locking us in our homes. Additionally, the Coronavirus created a new type of syndrome known mental illness known as the Corona-Blues—a sort of depression that occurs when one endures mandatory quarantine. So, here are some suggestions you should follow in order to avoid catching the Corona-Blues.

Stay Active—even at home
The virus isn’t just deadly because it might give you a fever or nausea. The virus forces you to stay home (or in a hospital), which leads to your body becoming out of shape as time passes. A lot of people might say that they can’t stay fit because all the gyms are closed, but there are workouts you can do at home without fancy machines.
Try doing some push-ups: they’re a go-to workout for a lot of fit people that strengthen your upper body muscles alongside your core. After a set of push-ups, a minute-long plank can follow. Planking for a minute stretches your body muscles entirely and strengthens your core, which helps you gain a more muscular build.
Obviously, you can’t skip out on leg day, so maybe try climbing stairs if you live in an apartment complex, or even just step on and off a stepping stool if you don’t. Climbing stairs is a great alternative to a lot of leg exercises, and it also burns fat while strengthening your thighs. If you do not live in an apartment, lunges and squats also work well.

Cleaning Your Room
Many of you probably stayed in your room for an extended amount of time during quarantine, and your bedroom floors probably grew a lot grimier over the year. So, try cleaning or renovating your room. Simply picking up some trash and tidying up your desk will create a much more refreshing environment for you to stay in. Also, renovation does not mean tearing down all the walls for that 360-degree view. Turning your desk around and changing your bed location might create a completely different atmosphere!

Try Some Cooking
A healthy meal really does help people feel better. If you see loved ones enjoying your dish, it is likely that you will feel “healed” from all the “unhealthiness” outside your front steps. Maybe cooking could become a new hobby of yours during this hazardous time.

We all know that staying away from friends and others is hard and that home is a cozy, lovely place until you realize you have to stay there and only there for months on end. Maybe try following one of the three above to avoid the Corona-Blues from reaching you!