Predictions for 2021

Brandon Kim '23, Contributor

Let’s get this straight: 2020 was a terribly crazy year, filled with numerous unexpected, life-altering events. A small, debatably-alive bag of proteins and lipids controlled the entire world, and we were forced to wear masks and remain in our homes. Millions, including myself, have been hoping for 2021 to be the solution to all of 2020’s issues. Now the year has finally arrived, and we all are anxious for what might happen. Is this the beginning of another crazy year or the final stages that will set us back into our normal lives?

Here are some random predictions made for 2021:
January: The Simpsons will prove once more that they are fortune-tellers.
February: A random snowstorm will approach Windsor, but because we can take online classes, schools will not get canceled.
March: Online shopping will reach an all-time high.
April: COVID-19 will mutate and start actually making people healthier.
May: TikTok will surpass Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook as the most used social media app in the world.
June: A new viral game will sweep the internet for a couple of weeks and then be completely forgotten.
July: Rotten Tomatoes will review Space Jam 2 as a much better movie than the original Space Jam (1996.)
August: The Tokyo Olympics will end up as the oddest (possibly worst-rated) Olympics of all time.
September: Apple will release the iPhone 13, which will no longer have a wired charging port.
October: Since cities will be starting to open, candy companies will invest billions of dollars for Halloween.
November: Mass production of vaccines will end the year-long COVID-19 pandemic. Everything will go back to normal.
December: A new global law will require people to show proof of vaccination for traveling.