The At-Home Bucket List

Madison Hua '23, Contributor

If you were to be at home during Winter Term 1, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (and…), you’d better re-learn how to entertain yourself. Let me paint you a picture: you’re scouring across the digital realms of Youtube, searching for that right combination of pixels that will fire off the largest possible number of dopamine neurons. Well, it’s easy to lie in bed and explore the boundless limits of a novelty-dopamine loopperpetually search for novelty on the internet, only getting out of your bed for food, achieving a mere 27 steps a day… But anyway, here are some new ways to entertain yourself while you list away in the limbo between Zoom classes.

Camp out in the family room using pillow forts. For the indoorsy people (like myself), building a fort using blankets and pillows is a great way to spend the night away from your same old bed and still in the comfort of your home.

Research your family tree. Ever wonder where your family comes from? What is your lineage? Any long lost cousins? This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your family history.

Go 24 hours without internet, radio, television, or technology. Since this is very hard to accomplish now with school being online, try to go a day on the weekend without any technology. Read a book or write a story instead. This is very daunting for me as I am always glued to my phone, literally carrying it around the house with me. For some reason, I just have a natural instinct to reach out for my phone.

Take a baking class on social media. Being stuck inside your house has many upsides, especially that you’re never far from the kitchen. Now, this is definitely not the time to worry about waistlines because baking is very therapeutic. I love baking, but sometimes one of the recipes turns out wrong, and I get a dessert that tastes quite awful (casually slides it into the trash). Go ahead and take a baking class to learn how to make donuts, brownies, cakes, scones, and so much more!
Swapping lives with your siblings. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be one of your siblings? Have your siblings write down things they would do and try to act like them. Try to change your voice to match how your sibling sounds and inform your parents about this so they can talk to you as if you are your sibling.
Avada Kedavra! Accio! Watch the whole Harry Potter movies in one sitting. The Harry Potter movies are iconic, and any one of my friends would know I am obsessed with them. However, I have never watched all of the movies in one sitting as they are all at least 2 hours long each. Being able to binge-watch all the HP movies would be a blessing.
Invent a new secret code to write messages to your friends. Maybe try using symbols and signs to represent each letter. That way, your nosy parents and siblings won’t understand your plans to waste away a whole weekend watching Harry Potter virtually with your friend.
Jam out to the childhood favorites playlist that you may or may not have made during your most sleep-inducing Zoom class. I’m just kidding! Multitasking in class is a big no-no… (sorry not sorry)