Nine Ways to Enjoy Your Zoom Classes

Zaylie Gore '24, Contributor

Having trouble staying motivated and engaged on Zoom? Never fear! Here are nine useful tips and tricks to enjoy your time in Zoom school!

1. Remove all annoying distractions from your room that could cause you stress (if that means drop kicking the screaming toddler who refuses to be quiet, so be it).

2. STAY AWAKE—trust me, Zoom is a lot more entertaining when you don’t wake up to the teacher calling your name several times.

3. If your hands just can’t stop fidgeting, grab something to keep them occupied with—stress balls, fidget cubes, sacrificial knives, or whatever floats your boat!

4. If you find yourself in a Zoom room with a lot of people, arrange your screen so that the people you dislike simply happen to find themselves on the second page: out of sight, out of mind.

5. Make sure you are fully prepared and armed with your favorite drink of choice for when you have nothing to say in breakout rooms and the silence is getting a bit much.

6. Ignore the picture of your dog that your sibling just sent to the family group chat—it may be cute, but it’s not helping you figure out that math problem.

7. If you can’t focus, put on some background music and enjoy the calm sounds of both your English class and the Mario Kart soundtrack!

8. Pretend not to be crushed when the feeble joke you tell in a breakout room gets nothing but blank stares in return.

9. If the sounds of your dad shouting at his coworkers in the other room are driving you crazy, feel free to relocate. The creepy, dilapidated house at the edge of the woods sounds nice (as long as you can get a good Wi-Fi signal).

Now that you’re all prepared, go on out there and enjoy those classes like you never have before!