Zooming into the New Year with some Horoscopes

Mercuri Lam '24, Contributor

Communication (and arguing) has always been your strong suit, so when debate season started, you were practically through the roof. Just remember that your essays for history are still due by next Monday! You still have classes after all, and grades are still being given out. You can’t forget about them (as much as you want to) just because of debate.

Somehow, even after calming down with sports, clubs, and CE programs, you are still the most active person in the community ever in Loomis history. It’s almost like time expands for you because there’s no way someone can be that active in Huishuo English, EDU beyond, and Wilson Library tutoring while balancing debate and Model UN on your shoulders. On top of that—you have straight A’s in your 5 CL classes??? You’re an enigma and inspiration to us all.

After submitting all of your college applications, you feel…strangely empty? Not having an ultimate goal to work toward is out of character for you. And you even find yourself in a bit of a grade slump, not having the motivation to do anything “above average.” Could this be the senioritis notorious for devouring unfortunate seniors and their helpless grades? I guess you’ll be the one to find out.

Being the person you are, you just could not study without your pals. But when you and your friends do meet on Zoom, you end up spending way too much time catching up (and watching TikToks). Sadly, no work ends up being done. But oh well, at least you’re no longer alone.

You’ve been super supportive the past few weeks, offering help and company to your friends whenever you can. Your classes are…not a current priority, but they can come later. Who cares about school when you can be a source of comfort for the people you hold close to your heart?

After getting yet another B in your class, you have decided that it’s finally time to care more about your grades. After planning out an entire study night, you start working on your long overdue final paper. But soon, a text chimes in from your friend who wants to call. Well, surely I’ll have time to do this tomorrow, right? You think, as you pick up the phone and dial their number, leaving the piles of work behind.

Your grades are doing amazingly well. But for some reason, since online school restarted, it’s just been so much harder to connect with other people outside of your class. Maybe it’s the time difference, maybe it’s the amount of work, but you need to include other people in your life. It’ll help boost your morale back, I promise.

Not one to be outdone by Aries, you’ve been working so hard trying to do as many things as possible. However, recently, you’ve felt a bit burnt out by everything going on in your personal life. And the extreme amount of work, classes, and extracurriculars just exacerbated that slump you’ve felt. Maybe it’s time to take a break from everything? Don’t worry about your assignments—they’re all done anyway.

Not concentrating in Zoom class has become your new norm. You simply aren’t interested in the boring aspects of life—why write essays when you can imagine yourself in a faraway land? But escapism isn’t the answer: your grades are still as real as ever.

Your mind is still not over the joy and restfulness of the holidays, and you’ve been thrown right back into a life of work and busy schedules. Without the holiday spirit, you feel lost and alone. What will you spend your entire time obsessing over next? Maybe that anime your friend recommended will make you more motivated.
(Spoiler alert: you end up not finishing your math problem set on time, but it was worth it for the emotions you haven’t felt for so long.)

Since online school restarted, you’ve found it a lot easier to do things at your own pace. Not socializing with people has set you more at ease. And while I do get that “being alone” helps you feel more comfortable, reach out with one of your (only) friends. They’ll really give you support in the times you need it most (final projects and exams).

Your carelessness has gone to another level since you went online for the first time. Not being able to see your teachers face to face has exacerbated your aptitude for procrastination. But now that the end of the term is approaching, you really picked up your act. Every one of the previously empty dropboxes is now filled with your (slightly overdue) work, and your average grade shot up from a C– to a surprising B+. But just how long will this period of productivity last?